Be Careful When They Bark In The Dark

When they bark

When they bark – When you are residing near the national park and your premises are often being visited by the city’s “living ghosts”, you need to be very cautious.

Owing to thick density of human population and roaming strays and dogs in the property, it’s quite easier for the leopards in the national park to hunt in the dead of night. These incidents are not new for the people living near the forests and national parks. But When they bark, with few precautions, such episodes can be barred from repeat telecasts.

When they bark

Most of the humans fall prey to these felines, because they are caught in surprise and out of fear and panic the four-pawed visitor attacks the person. This happened in a recent case in Mumbai, when a person was caught in surprise by the leopard, as soon as he opened the door while the wild cat was about to pounce on its game, the Rottweiler tied outside the house. The leopard slashed his eyes, before vanishing in the dark. Both the master and our beloved Mac escaped the Leveler from the paws of the ‘living ghost’.

Dog is considered to be man’s best friend and the most faithful species. With all its senses, it tries to safeguard its master. They keep on barking, whenever they sense something fishy around them. Mac also did the same thing, which summoned the feline in search of food. It tried to kill the dog, tied in chain. Out of pain the bleeding dog yelped and tried to fight it, soon his master sensed the mistake of chaining Mac unprotected and caught the leopard by surprise. Though both were saved, but this incident could have been averted easily.

When they bark

According to the forest experts, because of the close proximity to the vast national park, the locality is prone to such incidents. This makes the locals to be more responsible and careful. Tying the dog outside your house unprotected, reminds of chaining baits for hunting tigers. Both the person and the dog were badly injured. What if Mac was inside the house and barked at the leopard while viewing through the window?Both would have enjoyed seeing the beauty of the wild cat. Not its ferocious side.

When they bark

If you are an owner of someone like Mac, make sure you never chain your buddy in some unprotected place. They are prone to attacks, when they are tied. The next important thing is that, never turn a deaf ear to the barks in the dark, they are the nature’s warning for the mankind, especiallyfor the ones who are staying in the close vicinity of the faunas.

The owner was rushed to the hospital and was treated immediately. With god’s grace his vision was unaffected, the surgical team sutured his right eye and other injuries. Mac was also injured in the neck and head, he was also under treatment. We wish them both a speedy recovery and for the master, be a responsible owner and be careful from the next time.

When they bark – It’s a blessing to bask in the bounty of nature, but along with that it calls for sensibility and responsibility.

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