What is The Scope of Tribal Entrepreneurship?

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After the pandemic the Tribal entrepreneurship is looking forward to boom up to pull up the economy of India. Returning back to their places was the only option left out for them who were working as migrants for years. Laborers who were earning on regular wages had to return back home to their native states and villages. The only mode of survival was though their agricultural property and the home to live.

The sudden lockdown ended their mode of earnings and food which forced them to return back home. Apart from it the influence of the boosting the tribal entrepreneurship will improve the economy of India.

tribal entrepreneurship 1

Tribals prone to Forests livelihood

Tribals have less or no connectivity to the technologies and progress. Their survival was in the forests cutting trees, eating fruits and vegetables. Few were able to come out from the forests for education and exposure to the modern world. Mostly aer suffering due to poverty and cannot provide education generations after generations. They have seen the lowest progress and neglected parts in India. But, after severe hits of pandemic there is a change. The initiative for progressing as “Atmanirbhar Bharat” and NITI aayog accelerated. The remote and indigenous people are now into focus for developing and ensuring entrepreneurship for betterment of the sectors.

Sectors to tribal entrepreneurship

The main scopes of improvement to remove from the poverty are possible from the three main sectors;


Agriculture is the main occupation for the tribal people. The development in their agricultural work with new types of equipment and training is showing new rays of hope to contribute to the economic growth in India. Vocational training and education are provided specifically for the proper implementation of equipment, fertilizers, and new techniques.

Majorly India depends on farming and agriculture so it is a great support to the economy. But due to the ignorance in the tribal areas, being remote the exposure to entrepreneurs was less which is now developing.


The tribal people of India are a large community that has a population of approximately 10 crores. So, it is easy to understand the importance of forestry. Bamboos trees are the main attraction of the northeastern part of India, elephants, peacocks, hornbills are the common animals that roam around the forests.

Tourist from different parts of the world comes to visit the farms and hotels to enjoy the beautiful forestry and the animals. Similarly, Jharkhand has the beautiful closeness with nature that tourists love to enjoy.


From ancient times the beautiful work of the Adivasi and their artwork is mentioned in scriptures. The handicraft works such as pottery work, artworks on bamboos, and handlooms are the major part that is slowly acquiring great exposure.

Tribal entrepreneurship is serving equally for both males and females. Handicrafts and handlooms are another mainstream for success for both genders. The forestry is close to their livelihood and agriculture the requirement that is providing a great zone to explore as an entrepreneur and participate in India’s development.

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