#RangRasiya #DivineSex Time To Explore Sexual Aesthetics Of Indian Goddesses

#RangRasiya #KetanMehta reminiscing the paintings of #RajaRaviVarma. The exploring of the paintings being a creation of lust… Are we ready for that?

The latest buzz about the upcoming film of Ketan Mehta has grabbed a lot of eyeballs.

The film set to be releasing today.

Many say it is controversial and many criticize people of this country to have a narrow mindset.

Let us not judge anyone or preach about broadening the mindsets.

Like every other citizen of this country we all have concerns and beliefs and a certain way of perceiving God. Problem is no religion ever forced to believe or made any hard and fast rule about anything.  

The Almighty is supreme and every person who thinks that they know about the Supreme Being and boast of their cultural knowledge actually are the most foolish of the lot. God is beyond definition and beyond understanding. Someone’s belief is a personal matter and it shouldn’t be hurt.

Coming to the point that if God is personal then what is wrong if #RajaRaviVarma painted Maa Lakshmi out of his personal space?

If we are stopping him then aren’t we hurting his sentiments?

Even today when we point a finger at anyone who associates spirituality with sensuality we are actually hurting the belief that we claim to protect.

Maybe sex is divine for some.

What is so wrong about that?

We are very much used to the phrase “Pati Parmeshwar” (Husband is God) It baffles me as how we never questioned it and conveniently had been taking it!

For those who didn’t understand what I am getting into…well if we are conveniently associating Husband to the Almighty who is like a father figure then why do the roles get specific when we talk of Maa Lakshmi.

Maa is restricted to being beautiful but what about the fact that like any other woman maa (mother) too has the sex appeal.

Ooohhh Taboo… I can see all the self-proclaimed protectors of Indian culture marching towards me.

Almighty can be associated to ‘husband’ but Maa can’t be thought of wife. Logic is what I don’t get in this entire thing.

If mother’s sexual aesthetics can’t be discussed then how are we linking God to husband?

How is that right?

In the land of #Kamasutra sex is a taboo.

Well, all the religious fanatics out there nobody is offending any sentiments by expressing their way of divine spirit. If we don’t agree with it we all have the right to disagree. But we don’t have any right to stop someone’s expression of their belief as supreme spirit is subjective.

It is personal and if someone sees God in his lover he has all the right to express his personal belief and faith. 

Bring it on #KetanMehta.


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