The Untold Facts About Google Search! 

Google Search

We are here to share some untold facts about Google search.

We all know that today Google has become an important part of our everyday life, it is like our all-time saviour. If we didn’t find an answer to any question then we just Google it. Yes, from answering the most difficult question to tell you the recipe of your favourite dish, Google helps you out with everything. Basically, we have Google in everything today or we can say Google has everything!

Google, indeed is one of the most popular search engines in the world. It is like the magical source of information for us which has no end.

The 5 letters word has answers to all your questions. But did you ever think that sometimes searching things on Google can also become harmful to you and you won’t believe sometimes people even make criminal activities unknowingly.

So, let us tell you some facts about your searching habits and thing that you should avoid searching on Google: –

Google Search facts –

Google Is Not Your Doctor

These days people use Google as a doctor, yes knowingly or unknowingly we all do this mistake. If you have any disease or if you are suffering from any major or minor illness, never search for its treatment on Google and simply go to the doctor and take medicines. Because Google is an open platform where anyone can add anything, and when you search for some particular symptoms it shows 10 different results. We are not saying that it generates 100% wrong results but as your health is concerned here so we advise you to be extra careful. So whenever you get sick do not use Google as your doctor and go to a real doctor to cure your illness.

Google Search

Do Never Search Child Porn On Google

Well! you might not know this but searching for child porn on Google is legally offensive. According to the law, both of the child watching and searching for child porn are considered to be equal offenders. So if you do something like this then the police can reach to you by tracing your IP address and can arrest you as well in doing such an offensive task. So if you are planning to do something like this, do it on your own risk.

Google Search

Never Search The Techniques & Methods Of Bomb Making

Searching for the techniques and methods of bomb-making on Google can prove to be extremely harmful to you. No matter whether you are literally involved in such terrorist activities or not but searching for the same also brings you to the vicinity of the crime. Because there is special surveillance on such harmful websites. Maybe you are not aware of it but the police have a special team to keep an eye on unwanted cyber activities in order to take care of the citizens.

Google Search

Never Search Google at Google

Well! people often do this mistake. Yes, Google is the most searched on Google. And it is not a joke, actually, most of the people don’t know that the top bar on Google is the only one that Google searches for, but what we do is find Google search engine there.

Google Search

Never Search Your Identity On Google

You should never search for your own identity on Google. Because a recent research says that if you search your own identity on Google then it tries to hack the accounts that are logged in on the same device.

So these were some untold things or you can say unknown facts about Google search. Google is indeed a boon to humankind but it has some disadvantages as well. Basically, just like everything else Google has also two sides: good or bad, now it’s up to you how you use it.

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