We Bet You Never Knew These 10 Intriguing Google Facts!


So, what is the answer to every question that we have today?

It’s Google, undeniably!

And for the most obvious reasons, it is the worldwide biggest brand today.

After its inception in 1998, it took Google, all of 17 years to be at the position where it is today. We as humans, can actually not imagine a life without Google today, as it has gradually become the synonym to the internet or World Wide Web for all of us.

Google finds all the answers for us, and the amazing facts about the entire world, and present them to us, even before we can even blink our eyes. But, do you know some intriguing Google Facts, which all of us are not aware of?

Let’s take you to a Google virtual tour and enlighten you.

  1. Every second, there are a whopping number of about 40 thousand people on the planet, searching for something or the other, on Google! Well, well!
  1. Google is managed by smart people, who have brains. They have registered all the domains that could be the possible misspellings of Google’s name. For example: Gogle.com, Goglr.com, or Gooogle.com. Which means that even if you mistype Google in your address bar, you would land at Google homepage only! Isn’t that a super intelligent move?
  1. Google does a lot of work before bringing you any information. It keeps 200 hard factors in account, to measure up the data and information, before zeroing down to the best results matching your search. Very reliable I say.
  1. Known for its capability to change the world, owing to the moonshot projects it undertakes, Google is also very generous enough to do things that only matter to a limited number of folks. Like, in 2012, it was Google, who introduced Cherokee language in Gmail, to make life easier for the people of Cherokee, a small tribe of Oklahoma.
  1. We all see Google Doodles, and love them to the core, simply because we can so relate to them. But you know, they are, at the same time, useful and informative too. For instance, founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin made the very first Google Doodle in 1998 for a specific reason. They were headed towards Burning Man, a cultural festival celebrated in the Nevada Desert, and they wanted people to know where exactly the Google crew can be found for a next few days. And hence they created that Doodle, with the Burning Man logo theme. Intelligent people indeed!
  1. Google earns a hell lot of moolah from advertising. In the year 2013, a record revenue, which accumulated to 91% of total revenue of the year, and was around $55.5 billion, came from advertising alone. That’s huge man!
  1. Do you know how huge is Google’s search index? Well, it’s a mind boggling 100 million gigabytes in size, which is equivalent to a hundred thousand one-terabyte personal drives of data. Are you calculating?? We cannot!
  1. This one is really funny. Google might be the only company with the explicit goal to REDUCE the amount of time people spend on their site. Now don’t ask us why! Ha ha ha 😀
  1. Google, very dedicatedly photographed more than 5 million miles of roads to provide the commuters using the Google Maps, with the accurate information on Street View maps. Such commitment?
  1. Google is the giant to have acquired 24 companies in 2014 alone. Very excitingly it comes to about 2 companies in a month. True blue business people!

Well, apart from all these, we all know that he biggest and most popular Google service is its web search. Google’s web search engine is the most reliable, quickest and most used for providing relevant search results with a clean interface. That’s why “Google it” has become such a common phrase.

On physical home-grounds, Google has a reputation of a casual atmosphere, in its offices. It believes in keeping its employees the most happy. That is the reason, it gives alluring perks such as free lunch for all, free laundry and free parking for all of them. Roller hockey games are just a part of all the fun while working at Google.

And the jewel in the crown is this one; people working at Google are allowed to spend 20% of their office time, for the projects of their own liking.

Isn’t that awesome?

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