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Googlepedia – Stuck with your assignments??

Looking for a smarter way of online shopping?? Difficulty in reaching final destination?? No worries now. Earlier all these seem be a difficult task, but now have your google at your fingertips!!!! Convenient, time saving, fast and precise way to get hold of your desired content.

Googlepedia – the search engine. Very true for that matter. It gives answers to all your questions. Just type in your desired word/location/book name etc in the search zone and enter. There you go. Lots and lots of information. Isn’t it amazing? You can call it the encyclopedia of the next generation. One click and you get a complete set of browsing pages for all you comparative studies.

What actually Google is and where was it born? Well…well…well. The answer to this is Google or to be more specific Google LLC. is an MNC from the United States co-founded by Lassy Page and Sergey Bain in 1998, being the leading and most trusted web search engine.


Today beyond the horizons of Google search, we have a wide variety google services and products in the market. Gmail, Google Hangouts, Google Voice, Google Play Store are some of them which are most frequently used. To allow you t maintain formal communications, Gmail services was launched by Google, the users of which has now crossed over 1 billion digit round the globe and is still counting on.

Next to talk on are google maps. Are you missing up somewhere and can’t find out exactly how to march ahead? Are you running short of time and still wanna trace the traffic in your zone? Google Maps are your soul guide. Reach anywhere with Google maps assistance. A smarter way to carry the map is your smart phone, A click on the desired destination and here you are. GET, SET and GO.

Many more exclusive products, apps and services are timely being updated from Google. You can call google as the BAAP of all dictionaries/encyclopedia/thesaurus bla..bla..bla..Endless search, optimized content, comparative analysis, superfast and reaching every nook and corner of the globe.

Everything under the sun has an eye of google over it. Now I can assure completion of my research thesis within timeline just because of google scholar. Google scholar provides me with a wide range of published reference papers for my thesis submission. Additionally, it now allows me to cross check my write up to be plagiarism free to avoid last minute rejections via its plagiarisma feature. Now you can get access to a wide range of pdf’s for your referencing and finish the project in hand within a couple of days.

Googlepedia – Truly after the emergence of the google, everything’s gonna be completed at ease of a single click.

The wide range and coverage of the google products and services are so reliable that they had ultimately boosted up the revenue of Google and google is leading the world market in terms of web services. And hope will continue to do so and provide us with more exciting features to ease our tasks too!!!! Adieu and happy Googling!!!!!

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