Lynch Justice For Nagaland Rape Case – Weren’t We Expecting This?

Nagaland rape case

What happens when the entire law system and judiciary fails to give justice to the rape victims?

What happens when law helplessly fails? The law gets lynched. Mob outburst is the most dangerous one and that is exactly what happened in Nagaland.

As per news reports around 4,000 people stormed into the jail at Dimapur in Nagaland, pulled out the rape accused, paraded him naked and thrashed him to death.

Weren’t we expecting this? I won’t give an opinion about what happened is right or wrong but I just want to ask if we as a society weren’t expecting this?

Every day we hear a rape case. Law has been continuously failing to provide any kind of justice. People had been tolerating not only failed system but also fighting a very deeply rooted regressive mentality.

Moreover depressing comments from the top authorities about a woman’s character had been shaming India worldwide.

How much would anyone tolerate? Not justifying the act of the mob in Nagaland but seriously weren’t we expecting this?

The more the law is going to fail the more there would be anarchy in the society.

People would resort to such type of acts like this lynch justice in Nagaland. This is just one of the case that should shake our system, constitution and awaken India to the reality.

The recent documentary on Nirbhaya rape case shows how helpless our Indian law and how regressive our so-called lawyers are.

If such a fast track case is still pending then it is foolishness on our part to even expect any ray of hope for any rape victim in the country.

It is so unfortunate that we spend so much of our time and energy debating issues on what offends whom. How come a rape case doesn’t offend people in this country?

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