Poor Vs Rich! Can You Differentiate Between The Internet Users

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After suffering from covid 19 years after years the need for internet has increased than prior days. Internet access has become essential for all. So, that the access enables them to complete their work without stepping out of the home. But affording internet has been difficult for some while few have more than they need. It can be categorized between poor vs rich, the way internet users need internet connections.

Though it may be difficult to easily understand the difference between Internet users. All are somehow managing to purchase the data and use it. But some groups can hardly manage to spend money and purchase the minimum data. On other hand, another group has to deal with extra data which they are not able to use.

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Internet Users suffering from Internet poverty

Internet poverty is the state of people who cannot bear the expenses or afford the minimum internet data for their regular internet uses. One of the challenging situations in which the internet cannot be accessed by millions of people who do not have any access or buy data. It acts as a barrier for them to use it for their minimum need. When the entire world was running on the internet, ranging from education, institutions, and offices they were not aware or could hardly manage to stay connected.

On the other hand, when the poor are not being able to afford the minimum data, it is the rich who had internet access anytime they want. The advantage of having more than sufficient internet data was experienced by rich before the lockdown as well as after the lockdown. Educated, rich and young people spent the maximum time on the internet. It can be for their research work or for looking for a luxurious holiday trip, the rich internet users find it convenient.

Low income and High-income Users

The requirements of the rich and the poor are vastly different. Comparing them is only to define their need and if they can find access for opening towards a better world. Education is a need but internet poverty has almost stopped the mode for the poor. People below the poverty line do hardly have any device or internet data so that they can educate themselves sitting at home.

Hereby the increase in the prices has made it difficult for internet users to buy and use the data.  They can hardly afford to earn for their daily living. To ensure that there is a decline in internet poverty it is essential to lower down the prices and make it affordable for the poor.

Rich internet users had access that they utilize in online shopping. Especially when Covid 19 restrictions did not allow to move down to the road. Education, office job, banking services, and entertainment was entirely carried out with the help of the internet. They are aware of the benefits and therefore can use them for all their essential needs.

Rich can use the internet for their luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. They were able to use technology and the internet together for home or office purposes.

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