Sonia Gandhi comprehends too late, says Congress going through tough times.

For the congress it is tougher with Rahul Gandhi at the helm!

In wake of the defeat in the assembly polls, the worry has become evident on the faces and even the words of the Congress leaders. As reported by a national newspaper, party chief Sonia Gandhi accepted that they were going through ‘trying and challenging’ times.

Reportedly, she told party MP’s, “We are meeting in trying and challenging circumstances. The results of the recent assembly elections have been deeply disappointing.”

This was the first Congress Parliamentary Party meeting after the terrible performance in the assembly polls earlier this month.

Gandhi also admitted that lack of discipline and unity were among the reasons for their party’s defeat and said it was obvious that they failed to convince people for their policies.

The ruling Congress party was routed in Delhi, and its government was thrown out in Rajasthan. In Madhya Pradesh, it only won 58 seats in the 230 member assembly. It also accepted defeat in Chhattisgarh, winning 39 seats in the 90-member state assembly. Mizoram was the only state, where Congress was able to form a government.

Gandhi said, in Delhi and Rajasthan, the party “lacked a sense of discipline and unity”.

Well Madamji the realisation has come too late and for the congress it is tougher with Rahul Gandhi at the helm! So, now it’s time to pack up and get lost.

Congress calculations went wrong because of the party’s selfish gain practices and forgetting the welfare and sufferings of the people at large.


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