Sanitizer Technology to Disinfect Market and Shop Areas


Sanitizer technology has improved the disinfecting work reducing the concern about further widespread of Covid-19. Due to the presence of the viral fomites on different surfaces, it has become difficult to resist the disease easily. Market places, or areas with chances of high crowds have the affinity of being affected by the disease. To reduce the chances of viral spread sanitizing machine has been introduced.

Indian streets and public places are cleaned and disinfected by the sanitizing technology. Malls, shops, parks, and playgrounds are required to be cleared for which the sanitizer technology is installed. Different kinds of sanitizer technology installed in the public spaces are:

Japanese Machines: One of the fastest sanitizer technology used by the Delhi Government to clean the lanes rapidly. This machine can remove the virus to an area of 20,000 square meters per hour. As we know apart from Maharashtra, Delhi has been densely infected due to Covid-19.

This special machine was used in the red and orange zones that can kill the germs and viruses resting on solid surfaces. Almost all the areas were sanitized to control the increasing positive cases of Covid-19. One of the latest and superior technology to treat and disinfectant public places.

Disinfectant chambers: This is one of the unique discoveries by an electrician who took a few hours to develop sanitizer technology. It is in Tiruppur that the coronavirus sanitizer chamber or tunnel in placed at the market place. All vegetables and foods purchased from the market place can be disinfected easily with the sanitizer. Sodium hypochlorite is used as a sanitizing element in the chamber.
The tunnel or tank can be filled up regularly after the sanitizer finishes and it can hold 2,000 liter which is sufficient enough to carry out the disinfectant till the entire day for the market visitors.

Drone sanitizing technology: In a few cities and areas, free access to human and cars are difficult. The drone has been used to sanitize the areas, it is the technology used in Chennai, Bengaluru, Raipur, and Guwahati. Public areas such as bus stand, hospitals with high chances of spreading of virus s possible, Drone is used. About 26 cities have used technology to clean their cities. The new phase of Drone is known as the corona killer -100.

Well! To operate Drone trained commercial pilots are used, all smart cities are using drones to work to clean and remove the viruses.
Apart from these major sanitizer technology, few invention types of research are carried out to build robotic sanitizers to help the area disinfectant. The machine is built by Avishkar from Delhi that can fit on vehicles and work on the roads and public places.

Sanitizer technology has been installed as chambers, vehicles to remove the virus from further spreading. Further, more researches are carried out by the scientist from all over the world to find out different techniques to remove the virus and keep the people free from Covid-19

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