Mumbai gangrape-the phone used to take photos is missing

The phone used to shoot pictures of the photojournalist, which the accused threatened to leak if she went to the police, is missing.

The Mumbai gang-rape case would be tried in a fast-track court, Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan said in Pune. The questioning of three of the suspects arrested earlier, has revealed how the woman was attacked while her male colleague was tied up with a belt, after they were done shooting for their assignment in a deserted mill on Thursday. A phone was used to shoot her pictures, which they later threatened to leak, if she went to the police.

The police has reported that the phone is missing and that it belonged the fourth accused Kasim Bangali, the man they described as the “most depraved” amongst all, who raped the girl twice. The investigation team reported that Bangali is not co-operating with them and has refused to disclose where he has hidden the phone.

Though the phone is missing, the police says it has other crucial evidences to prove the accused, guilty. The victim allowed the doctors and police to collect the samples crucial for the investigation. She also helped the police make sketches of the accused.

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