What If Own The Most Expensive Home In The World?

Most expensive home

Most expensive home – The expensive home which also known as mansions or forts that was owned by the kings and emperor, in modern times it was replaced by the CEO’s or the uber-rich categories who have been able to build the top luxurious houses for themselves. These houses are distinctive, expensive in decoration. Interior designs of the house with yard and yards of open green space.

What to describe the exterior of these houses? What if I own the most expensive home in the world like:

Most expensive home –

1  Buckingham Palace

Palace itself has denoted that once it was owned by the Duke of Buckingham but later was succeeded by Queen Victoria in the year 1837, but now it is introduced as the home of “Queen of England”. Let me tell you owning this house is not possible at all because it is one of the heritage buildings of the world. Though the valuation of the house is 2 billion dollars, it not for sale and therefore I think one should drop the idea of owning this palace.

Most expensive home

2  Rutland Gate Mansion

Mansion built in the area of 60,000 sft of which was owned by the Prince of Saudi Arabia Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud which is situated at the Hyde Park in London.

Let us know about the richness emphasized in the mansion, it’s the interior decorated with gold, silver and bronze. Not only that precious stones are also seen to glitter in the rooms even the bathrooms it is the precious work of the Alberte Pinto. In 2015 this mansion was sold at the prices of 300 million pounds, the most expensive house in Britain.

I would have simply enjoyed the large swimming pool attached to it along with the extraordinarily decorated bedroom with wonderful sweet dreams.

Most expensive home

3  Hearst Castle

Castle located in San Simeon California no longer for sale as it is a heritage building that was once the home of William Randolph Hearst. Wonderful atmosphere of the castle attracts the tourist from different parts of the world.

Perhaps If I visit this place for the private animal zoo, disco zone that I have found distinctive among all the expensive homes.

Most expensive home

4  Antilla

Being an Indian this is a well-known home for me, the residence of Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of reliance; he is among the top 20 rich people in the world. Antilla is located in Mumbai, Altamont road one of the places for the rich people.

Value of Ambani’s house is about 1 billion dollar with space of about 40,000 sft and above 27 stories. Modern interiors work, that attracts me is the home theatre and three helipads, flying through the sky back to the terrace back home is something different while driving back home is very common, while the ballroom, a place to relax for few hours. Terrace garden where you can stand for hours and watch the twenty hours awaken city “Mumbai”.

Most expensive home

Most expensive home – The world has a class of uber rich or wealthy people but only very few have been able to pour their wealth as much as they wanted to make something stunning homes for themselves but those who have made they are the most appreciably expensive and luxurious.

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