5 Major Fashion Faux Pas Indian Women Are Guilty Of

Fashion is all about expressing yourself without having to speak. People, who have a refined taste in fashion are nothing short of artists. It takes a lot of brain-storming and permutations and combination to come up with something that grabs eyeballs. But we Indian women learn it the hard way. Our comprehensive and experimental ventures in fashion made us do some faux pas that we want to forget. Sadly, we can’t and we still feel guilty about it. Moreover, as social media has become an integral part of our lives, we are all devoted towards making our cut as fashionistas but these fashion faux pas are criminal! Read on below to know:

Slippers with formals:

Come on, admit. You have done this too. Indians are sucker for comfort and when it comes to comfort, Chappals are the second name of it. They are super comfy but pairing with formals in a hurry was something no one should forgive us for. Rather, it is disrespectful to treat such a classy office wear to pair it with Chappals. 

White foundation, why on earth?

I know, you will rush now and hide all those photos where you look like a wall painted with Tata Chuna. But, girl, that left indelible mark in the onlookers’ memory. This is the major fashion faux pas that need to be addressed because if you are doing this still, you will stick out for all the wrong reasons. Come on, applying a foundation 10 shades lighter than your skin color won’t make you look any fairer, but you will end up being a laughing stock!

Wearing those pretentious heels:

There is a saying that why wear shoes that make you feel comfortable but that rule CAN be relaxed. Girl, you are always at the high risk of stepping on someone and making them scream their lungs out or worse, stumbling upon a stranger, leave alone the shoe bites. We have seen a lot of women walking like camels in painfully uncomfortable heels, but why?


A moment of silence for all the danglers that almost made our ears fall off! god knows what we tried to prove, bravery?! when we wore a stylish top or dress, instead of wearing easy-going jewelry, we always opted for those pretentious ones god knows to prove what. If you are really wearing some stylish clothing, you should consider accessorizing minimally so that it doesn’t catch undue attention.

Buying clothes online without reading the size charts properly:

To us, the lazy shoppers, online shopping has come as a savior. There have also been times when we regretted not consulting the size chart mindfully and buying a garment. *sheds a tear for those pieces that gather dust now in the wardrobe*

Now, take a deep breath and try forgiving yourself for those that you have committed.



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