10 Benchmark ‘gaalis’ in Different Indian languages

In a diverse and multilingual country like India, learning new languages always is adrenaline pumping. Our social narrative resonates with multiples cultures and practices and we are downright proud of that.

To be a true Indian however, you need to mouth the profanities like a boss for fitting in. Turns out, using cuss words are not only college students but they are really stress-busting and helps vent your anger in a better way. What’s more ridiculous, we ask someone to teach us their swear words first to get a hang of their culture before we learn their language. This is the spirit of India and here we have assembled a number of cuss words from different languages of India that will make you go ROFL:


Behenchod- It means sister fucker.

Since incest is equal to committing sin in our country, this gaali is a serious annoyer.


Kela- Kela in Assamese is suggestive of dick. Kela means Banana in general which has resemblance to, well you know.

Nagori Putek- Son of a bastard .

These two words contain half the greeting.


Khankir chele- Son of a whore. This gaali  will drive a Bengali nuts and we hear the bus drivers hurling it at each other in a busy traffic.

Bokachoda- Stupid fucker. This is a landmark gaali in Bengali which we attempt at someone lovingly too sometimes.

Bengalis are equally into profanity like intellectual debates on Art, culture and literature.


Bhosad Pappu: idiot with a pussy.

Chodhru: Dumbass

These two gaalis are staples in Gujarati language both in irritation and salutation.


Dagaar: Bitch

Nin Hendruna Kaiya: Dumbass.

Dare tease them on the Telengana issue and you will be replied with these depending on your gender.


Aai Ghalya: Motherfucker

Tuja Aai la: To your mother or the proverbial ‘Teri maa ki’

Remember how many times you have heard these profanities in films and television soaps?


Bund: Ass

Kanjar: Gigolo

Punjabis are kickass gaali-hurlers and their profanities hit others hard!


Kunna: Dick

Chandi: Ass

Looks like Malayali people are obsessed with human anatomy!


Gaen: Prostitute

Momri Kalle: Dickhead

Let’s not spark controversies by cracking a joke on these! Lips zipped!


Gudda: asshole

Dengu: Fuck

Did it change your perspective for the childhood games? We guess yes!

So, here are the 10 most commendably breakthrough profanities that India masses swear by.


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