Entrepreneurs from the Slum Areas In Mumbai India

The business hub from the slum areas in Mumbai, the famous Dharavi. In India, this area provides one of the highest returns in Asia. About more than one billion dollars of turnovers is through various small businesses. Each shop or space is owned generation after generation making it one of the largest hubs of not only India but entire Asia.

The entrepreneurs engaged with small areas totally have 700,000 who work here own small space with huge returns.

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People like Ansari who owns not only a bit of area but he has the leader business. He prepares leader products for mobile covers, tablet covers, and other such products. Production is in masses for leader products that reach different parts of the country at reasonable prices.

Not only Ansari, but some similar entrepreneurs work in preparing leathers for different purposes.

Soap makers make earnings in lacs, by the production of soaps for clothes, utensils. Batches are prepared each day for paper soaps, liquid soaps to white laundry soaps. Selling of the soaps that are for daily uses is not difficult, it is made on regular basis and sold on bundles of packets daily to the outside market.

Plastic each day are produced in large quantity, the wastes are moved to the streets of the slums, in Dharavi.  Abdullah, one of the entrepreneurs, and few others use these plastics as the main source of their business. Plastic recycling is their job in which they prepare plastic containers, while others produce plastic made beads, fabricators. The slum areas in Mumbai are a big financial hub for plastic recyclers and manufacturers.

Tanning leather is one of the difficult jobs due to the process and the surviving in the odor. But the professional has made one of the hotspots for leather tanning, as it is one of the expensive products which has the demand for branded companies.

Kumbharwada, the alleys for the pottery work

It is the Pottery colony, where craftsmen come from different parts of the country to prepare and sell their pottery work in Dharavi, Mumbai. The earthen lamps, pots for water storages, flower pots, and other earthern-made products with various designs. The pottery workers have their bit of space in the slum areas of the Dharavi but have a great business each time of their selling the products.

The decorated Diyas or the earthen lamps are mostly observed to have a greater sale during the time of Dussehra.

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Space occupied by the Migrants

Mostly the business hub is covered by the migrants that have occupied the area for their earnings. The space occupied by most of the entrepreneurs is less than 80 sft but their earnings from this financial hub do not allow them to move from the place. Businesses in the slum areas in Mumbai, so-called Dharavi have carried out generations after generation which makes them no longer migrants.

The excellent management of the supply chain ranging from the leather products to the plastic products all are available here in the alleys of the slums. The talent, interests, and requirements of the entrepreneurs have made them survive, such as Subhash Karande who uses Banyan leaves to prepare and showcase his artistic works.

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