An Inspiration 92 years Old Grandma Turns Into Entrepreneur

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Old Grandma at the age of 92 years has proven that age is just a number. A duo of grandma and granddaughter has slowly begun with a startup business dealing with spices. Blending of spices that have won the heart of several customers. Preparing spices from home, Amritsar with the assistance of her granddaughter both is progressing for their distinctive handmade blending of spices for starting from tea preparation.

Grandma is now an entrepreneur at the age above 90 is now leading as an entrepreneur was married at the age of 18. It was in 1948 after Independence she starts living in Amritsar with her husband. Life was not at all liberal, at her time. She did not even realize whom she is marrying between the elder and younger brother.

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Masala chai by Ammi-ji

According to her, nothing was to her satisfaction while making her kind of masala tea. After giving trials on masala for the chai it was after almost 72 years that she found her experiment to be successful. The journey to reach her blends of masala for her exclusive chai wasn’t easy. She wanted to revive the flavor of Ammi-Ji’s mother tea. But nothing was working to hold that level of uniqueness.

Every time a new combination of the spices was used to discover the same old flavor. But it was difficult for her, but as the experiment continued she came up with an amazing blend. Not similar to her mother’s recipe but it acted as magic to change the flavor of her tea.

Slowly as a tea lover, she carried it with her where ever she went. Offering her rare and tasty blend masala was enjoyed by consumers.

Being a part of a family her granddaughter and daughter in law have always cherished the savory. Almost 100 of her blended masala chai packages were sold.

Life changed after promotion in Facebook

Nothing is easy in life! But a bit of interest and patience can develop a great opportunity realizing from the grandma’s story of becoming an entrepreneur. The time begins with a new edition when the promotion of Ammiji’s masala chai was on social media. Amrita her granddaughter took her special brand of masala chai to Facebook. Then and thereby, the business begins to progress from 2015. When few more hundreds of jars were sold to her customers. Her distinctive and magical blend for the tea was brand after 2018.

Her brand was sold online after 2018, it was a mega start for the 92-year-old entrepreneur. Now sells Wadiya and papad that are also in great demand. The business that started with the masala chai now has 40 products on its list.

Finally, Old grandma is an entrepreneur who has a retail business selling 40 products. The increase in their products is for last two years which has pulled up to deal with so many starts from just one. Progress was not in one day, it was their determination and interest that has given them a new sky.

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