Dear AAP, It’s Power Cut, Not Health Hazard

The ongoing power politics in Delhi took an interesting turn today when the AAP leaders started a protest outside union health minister Dr Harsh Vardhan’s house.

Power cuts are almost an integral part of the fabric of Indian culture if you ask any person from the northern states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. But an hour in the capital (or some major city) without electricity and all the hell breaks loose.

The ongoing power politics – in literal and figurative sense – in Delhi took an interesting turn today when the Aam Aadmi Party leaders started a protest outside union health minister, and face of BJP during the Delhi assembly elections last year, Dr Harsh Vardhan’s house.


Oh! And here is more. While demanding that the central government must take urgent steps to improve the conditions of electricity in the metro, AAP leader Manish Sisodia said that they were protesting outside Vardhan’s residence because he was a union minister.

Perhaps they forgot that Delhi is under Governor’s rule and Minister of State for Power Piyush Goyal also lives in Delhi. He was, in fact, in an emergency meeting with Governor Najeeb Jung and officials in his ministry to find a solution to the ‘crisis’ at the time of protests.

“We had a government for the last 15 years which was insensitive to the growing demands of the people of Delhi. Any good government has to plan in advance, has to assess growth going forward to ensure capacity. This was not done,” Goyal was reported saying in the media, adding that the unusually hot summer had pushed electricity demand to a whopping 5800 MW which the grid just could not provide.

While there was a Congress government in Delhi for 15 years under Shiela Dikshit and Arvind Kejriwal was chief minister for 49 days, the AAP has chosen to blame BJP. Kejriwal tweeted:



The term ‘power’ is indeed very powerful. Kejriwal put the blame on BJP for many things in the same sentence using ‘power’ of social media. But alas! He was heckled badly.








Meanwhile reacting to the blames put by BJP, Congress Delhi chief Arvinder Singh Lovely shifted them to AAP saying that Kejriwal’s government did not plan summers in advance and was responsible for the situation. “Our government had got many awards for our power mechanism, Vajpayee ji’s Central government had also praised it,” Lovely defended.

For now, the situation has become a vicious circle of blame game best described by this tweet:


But we still cannot understand the logic. It was a power cut, not a health hazard AAP!

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