Try THESE 6 Yoga Moves To Get A Strong Back!

Yoga Moves For A Strong Back

Yoga Moves For A Strong Back – Yoga is really beneficial for health.

Yoga has many health benefits i.e. physically it increases flexibility, increases muscle strength, it also improves your daily performance, and you can have a strong back. Practising Yoga on a regular basis not only provides physical benefits, but it also provides mental benefits. It relaxes your mind, prevents neck-pain, and it also help you to deal with stress in LIFE.

The benefits of yoga are many, you just need to practice it daily to remain fit and fine.

Thus, if you’re having a bad back pain, then you must try out these yoga moves daily to prevent it. These moves will help you get a strong back, and then there will be no back-pain at-all.

Here are 6 yoga moves for a strong back.

  1. Up-Dog Yoga

Up-dog yoga is a position that really works. All you need to do is, lie face-down on the ground. Place your hands on either side of chest, bend your elbows. Press your palms flat, and pull your chest forward through shoulders, try to lift your thighs and knees off the ground (see the image) Be in that position till you complete 5 breaths.

(Image Source – Love My Yoga)

  1. Wheel

This yoga move is an easy one, and but not everyone can do it correctly. Try to do it – Lie face-up with knees bent and feet on the ground. Keep your hands on side, and slowly bend your elbows. Press hands and feets equally and breathe till you complete 5 breaths.

Slowly come down when you want to.

(Image Source – Gaia)

  1. Locust

You need to balance yourself a lot. All you need to do is, lie face-down on the mat, try to reach your arms long on each side and stretch it. Lift your chest and feet off the ground, and be in that position till you complete 5 breaths.

Yoga Moves For A Strong Back

(Image Source – www.retecool.com)

  1. Forearm Plank

The more you practice this move, the more it’ll be good for you to get a strong back. Forearm plank is a good way to strengthen your back. Lie face-down with extended legs, bend your elbows and clasp your hands. You must form a straight line i.e. from head to toe. Hold that position for minimum 60 seconds or more than that if possible.

Yoga Moves For A Strong Back

(Image Source – Greatist)

  1. Bird-Dog Crunch

In this position, try to reach your one leg e.g. right leg straight behind you and take your left arm straight ahead.

Yoga Moves For A Strong Back

(Image Source – Plankpose.com)

  1. East Stretch Posture

This pose handsdown promises to tone your back. In this position, you need to place your hands shoulder apart behind your back. Now put all your weight on feets and hands, and try to LIFT your body up.

Hold till you complete 10 breaths.

(Image Source – Yoga.Lily)

Yoga Moves For A Strong Back – Practise them daily.

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