These Confessions By Indian Prostitutes About The “Sex-Market” Will Rip Your Heart Apart

confessions by prostitutes

Confessions by prostitutes – Prostitution in India is a big “No-No” in the eyes of the Indian Law which is something I am never able to understand.

Who doesn’t know about the red-light areas that exist in India?

What are the able to do about them?

The worst part of this scenario is that most of the women in India are forced into prostitution since a young age as they grow up; they have no other choice then to continue with that for money as there is literally no escape from the “sex-market” industry like that. A lot of women in India have no other choice other than joining the prostitution industry for earning money because a lot of problems which they have to go through. It’s nothing as we assume it to be because the dark side of this market is worse than we can imagine.

Here are some of the confessions by prostitutes and the agony of their lives will make your heart fall apart.

Confessions by prostitutes –

Victim 1:

I was forced into prostitution because I belonged to the third gender. My family chucked me out of their house because according to them I was bringing a bad name to their family. I had no other option than to leave my house. I met a man once and he said that he’ll give me money and food only if I agree to do what he says. As I had been hungry since 3 days I agreed. He did everything that he could have done with a sex-worker. I felt a lot of pain but became numb after sometime. He took me to a place where there were many like me. Since then I have been a part of the sex market in India.

confessions by prostitutes

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