Chetan Bhagat and his fans, Y U NO Die?

Chetan Bhagat never ceases to stun us with his marvels. And his fans too keep us amazed. If you wonder why, here is why. 😉

Chetan Bhagat never cease to stun us with his marvels. This banker-turned-writer-and-then-many-thing-followed put up a bold question on his facebook page. And boy! his three-point-something million supporters did answer him well.

1. The Big Question


We wonder why, why did he post this question, at all.


2. Well initially some did not understand his motives


And some were clearly frustrated.

3. And then people realised their duty


But someone really needs to understand the difference between AAP and APP. Too much APPs in phone we guess…

4. But few found it boring


And some drew parallels

5. Some had problem holding their emotions


And some didn’t know what was “write” or “right” for that matter

6. Some were disappointed


And so were we

7. and some killing two birds with one arrow advise


And an additional speech of course

8. And things about…err…potentialities


And what is “empowering the strengt”h by the way?


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