Did These Air Pilots Execute AirStrike in Balakot? Fact Check

People are going off the wall sharing the pictures of brave pilots of IAF who have executed the lionised airstrike on Pakistan’s Balakot that claimed to have destroyed a major terror training camp on Tuesday. The pictures are circulating in every social media platform possible but it is necessary to weigh the authenticity of these pictures. These IAF pilots have crossed the border and carried out the attack to avenge Pulwama. Fair enough. But do you really know if these pictures that you are sharing are accurate? Well, let us give you a fact check here:

Pakistan on Wednesday claimed that they have given the fitting reply to the IAF airstrike that was conducted on Tuesday and that they have shot down two Indian Airforce Fighter Jets. The spokesperson of Pakistan Army released a detailed statement in this matter and said that one IAF commander has been arrested by them too.

Hours later after the statement issues by Pakistan, India confirmed that one pilot that was sent off to the mission has gone ‘missing in action’.

The tension between India and Pakistan intensified after the nefarious terrorist attack on the Indian CRPF personnel that was carried out by a Pakistani terror outfit on 14th February.  It was one of the goriest suicide attack that the nation has experienced so far!

Amid this ongoing tension, many a pictures featuring the Indian pilots that undertook the mission of conducting a airstrike in Pakistan aiming to blow away the terror training camp, surfaced on social media sites. However, according to a report by BBC, the authenticity of these pictures is questionable.

According to the post that is being circulated in social media, the group of fighter pilots that the pictures are featuring, have taken part in the mission. The social media post under question has claimed that the name of the only female fighter pilot in the group is Anita Sharma.

The picture came tailored with a message that The only female figher pilot of Indian Air Force in the group of pilots that crossed the line of control and killed at least 300 terrorists in a airstrike is Anita Sharma. She needs to be congratulated for her brave deed.

Indian Army and Indian Airforce have not yet made any comments on the issue as they are barred from disclosing the names of the personnel that take part in such secret missions. To be frank, this is a picture of Avani Chaturvedi who is first Indian female to fly a fighter aircraft.

According to media reports, Avani Chaturvedi is the first woman to fly a fighter aircraft. She is capable of flying aircrafts like Sukhoi in case of an emergency.

In another picture whatsoever, we can see Squadron Leader Sneha Shekhawat who led airforce float on 2012’s Republic Day Parade and 2015’s Republic Day Parade successively. She is the first woman ever to lead the IAF float in Republic Day  Parade. But sadly, according to the fake photos that are circulating in social media, she is being called Urvashi Jariwala who they say that has passed out from Surat Bhulka Bhavan School which is factually incorrect.

Sneha Shekhawat entered the IAF by appearing in NDA entrance exam in the year 2007. The bagged the award of best female pilot in Hyderabad training centre. Sneha hails from Rajasthan’s Shekhawati region.

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