6 Lingerie Mistakes You Did Not Know You Were Making


Lingerie is one of the important clothing materials which hung on us for most period of time. Still many do not pay attention to the under garments like they do for outside ones.

Every woman wants to look gorgeous but you should know that under garments play a major role to make you look comfy and fashionable inside out.

Many women do have unflattering fashion faux pas too because of their under wear mistakes.

Follow these simple tips and fix the problems by being aware of these lingerie mistakes.

  1. Mistake: Not Knowing Your Size

This is the common mistake which can hamper your personal health. As you grow up your bra size keeps on changing. So you must check your size over a period of time and get yourself the ideal bra. If you do not wear proper bras then this will surely affect your breasts and can cause respiratory problems too.

Solution: Do not know how to measure your bra size.  Click here to know. If you are still confused you can contact any lingerie expert. Nowadays many shops  do have experts to help customers.


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