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Tobacco spitting

Do you ever read the signs ‘yaha thookna mana hain’, ‘do not spit here’, etc. scribbled on the walls? Well of course you must have noticed these signs.  After all these signs have wonderful graffiti arts of red colored spits to highlight them, don’t they?

Mumbaikars are so unique that we would find how artistically people spat on these public signs.

Spitting in public is a criminal offence, would only call for a “bwahahahaa” from the person who is doing it.

Well to revert in their style the state health department has come up with a unique way of teaching these offenders a strict lesson.

Reports say that the state health department proposed a law wherein a person found chewing tobacco or spitting on the streets would have to sweep the Govt. offices for a day.

Now this is a law if passed, would really be something worth. Imagine an auto driver sweeping the floor along with say a CEO of a big company. That sight would make headlines.

By the way spitting is a habit that people from all strata of the society pleasurably indulge into. When someone is in a foreign land he/ she strictly abides by the law and boasts about the cleanliness of that place but the moment the flight touches the base the Indian side is revealed.

Ooops anyone offended as I said Indian side? Well as per reports the High Court had observed that “spitting is an inherent characteristic of Indians.”  

People chew tobacco and spit on roads as if the public place is supposed to be spoilt.

July 2013: There was a TOI report that 70,000 people were fined in Mumbai for spitting in public places from August 2011 to July 2012.

These are the number of cases fined but frankly, a BMC official even fining an offender is quite an unusual sight.

If this law is passed then it would seriously be a step towards ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’. Eagerly looking forward to this law making its way into real implementation. The offender would be required to sweep Govt. office or a hospital for a day on working hours (8 hrs).

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