These Are The Proof That A Woman’s Cleverness Has No Limits


Cleverness – Women are the most mysterious yet wonderful masterpieces made by god.

They have their own way with words, charm a man’s heart. As the Billy Joel’s song She is a woman goes like, she is nobody’s fool and she can put haters in their true place. A woman is clever, witty and smart who can speak up for herself and be the kind of love she always wanted for herself. Well, smart women are like strong black coffee in a world drunk with cheap wines and shallow love and hence she can blow your whole damn mind without you even knowing it. She has a chaotic soul that gives birth to a dancing star and she is your woman.

Now that we have weaved praise for her in golden thread of words, here are a few examples as to how much a woman can be clever:

Amber Scholl created a dress from a trash bag:

Amber Scholl is a YouTube and Instagram start who was scoffed at by the haters who called her ugly and trash. She took this on her stride and hit a store to pick up anything that would help her give a comeback. However, she created a dress from a trashbag which can give any designer counterpart a run for its money.

This woman wanted attention and she got aplenty:

Women vie for attention and she can sell her soul for it so what’s wrong in a haircut? however bizarre that it. She grabbed many a eyeballs with that bushy haircut perhaps. To us, it looks like a snow-capped mountain or a helipad over a hotel. Whatever be the case, she has perfectly kept us on the hook with that haircut of hers. Probably the hairstylist is making a killing after custmers are thronging his place to get the likely haircut now that her picture has gone viral over the internet.

The woman who could give photoshop a run for its money:

Remember Lady Macbeth? how she played a crucial role in Macbeth’s life being a shrewd and diplomatic woman? she hatched the murder plan that the story revolved around. Lady Macbeth was the epitome of a woman’s cleverness and this woman too perhaps is. Petty software like Photoshop will not be able to match her IQ level as she used the book cover as a prop for this photo which creates a perfect optical illusion. If we had more of such women in our society, there would not be any software needed to create Instagram worthy images.

Even age could not keep her from pursuing her dreams:

This woman really hands down for her dedication towards work. It is said that the world age only makes women scanty but look at her? she is still able to steal the thunder of contemporary model. This woman was a famous model in her youth and decided not to give up even if her advanced age. She still models for top brands which is really commendable.

These women prove that they can’t be beaten for cleverness and we are completely in awe.

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