This Lady Due To Her Colour Was Asked To Bleach Her Body But Instead She Became A Model !

Queen of the dark

Queen of the dark – There is an obsession with the fair-skinned look in modern times.

It has provided the impetus for the launching of a giant-sized ‘fairness’ business across the globe. Diverse creams and lotions promise the replacement of dark skin with fair skin.

What effect have these advertisements had on the mentality of people?

  • The concepts of beauty, smartness, confidence and success have become equated with a fair skin. Dark skins are to be mocked and censured, either covertly or overtly.
  • Nyakim Gatwech from South Sudan discovered this when a cab driver asked her if she would bleach her skin. Gatwech retorted that she would never think of bleaching her beautiful melanin!
  • Her confidence propelled her into the field of modelling. Today, the highly successful 24-year-old is redefining the concept of beauty and success in her own way.
  • Labelling herself as Queen of the Dark, Gatwech ensures that her mesmerising photo shoots reach everywhere via social media. She adds inspirational messages too.
  • Similarly, in India, girls with dusky or dark skins often find it hard to get married. They are often rejected by prospective grooms and their parents, unless they promise to bring fat dowries along with them as wedding gifts. It does not matter if males are fat, ugly, dark, etc.
  • If you are dark skinned, here is how you can retain your self-confidence for all time. First, go and stand in front of a mirror. What are the features that you truly like? No, do not be critical about your looks. Be honest, as if someone outside you is looking at you.
  • Next, assess your qualities and talents. Yes, you have plenty, but you have never noticed them. You have been too busy, crying over your dark looks!
  • Third, look for a ‘black’ role model and be inspired by him/her and his/her success.

This is a Queen of the dark – Underneath the outer fair or dark skin, we are all just ‘human’. This is something that everyone must realise. Even if others fail to do so, you must realise this for yourself. Forgetting your looks, just concentrate on ‘what you want to be’.

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