7 #FemaleBehaviours That #Men Can Never Understand

Why Men Can’t Understand Women – We have all heard the crap that goes ‘˜men are from Mars, women are from Venus.’ Men have tried understanding women, but there are certain female behaviours that still baffle us.

We have all heard the crap that goes ‘men are from Mars, women are from Venus.’

Both genders point fingers at one another for the things that they do not understand about each other.

I am a guy and women are a mystery to me; I am pretty sure that the same applies to many men around the world.

We have tried, honestly, but some of these behaviours baffle us immensely. Below mentioned are a few –

Why Can’t You Carry Just One Bag?

You always carry more than one bag and we watch you struggle and complain about the same. Moreover, we see you take all the items out of one bag and put it in another. What sense does that make? Can’t you just get one bag that comes with multiple partitions to store your goods?

You Wear Something That Is Uncomfortable. Why?

We know that the high heels you wear hurt your feet. Why do you wear it then? Why not wear good ol’ plain shoes? You won’t stumble every second step, in the process preventing from making a fool out of yourself. Also, while at it, please explain us why wear so much bling where just jewellery item would do just fine.

Why Are We Expected to Remember Everything?

We are fine with remembering your birthday (and your parents’) and our anniversary (and your parents’). We know that keeping a track of these details is important for you and we like you for that. But spare us the task of remembering details about all the stuffed animals you had as a baby or the ghost you thought lived under your bed as you slept worrying. Maybe you remember these intricate details about us, but we are not programmed like you.

Why Are We Subject to Constant Questions about Our Exes?

I will keep this simple. We do not want to know about your ex. Why can’t you leave our exes alone when we have decided to move on with you by our side? “Can I have a look at your ex’s picture?” “Why did it end?” “Who proposed to whom?” We do not want to keep secrets from you, but we do believe that being forced to answer questions about our past is not fair.

Why is Shopping a Social Activity for You?

I go to shop with my best guy friend once in six months. Any number more than that makes us uncomfortable. How do you manage to take several trips to a shopping centre with your gang in a single month? Since when did shopping become a social event?

Why Do You Carry Hair Curlers in Your Bag?

Are you aware that hair curlers have often be used as murder weapons? How can you even find time to curl your hair in the middle of a day? Besides, your hair always looks straight.

Why Do You Visit the Toilet Together?

This one baffles us the most. I know. I know. Group trips to the toilet are another chat time for women, but how much can you talk in a day? Where do you find the topics? Tell us truly what exactly is hidden in the ladies’ toilet? We find it really awkward when you ask your female friend if they would like to accompany you to the ladies’ room.

I know finding answers to all complicated women questions is not easy. This is the reason why we accept our fates as they are try living contentedly with the woman we love.

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