When President Obama Hired An ‘Anger Translator’ For Himself And Made Everyone Smile!

Obama's anger-translator

This was an event dinner like no other!

Not only did President of the United States, Barack Obama prove that he is actually the coolest politician in the world, the POTUS also revealed his existential angst against many social issues in a unique way – hiring an ‘anger translator’!

Anger Translator For A President? WTF!

Say hello to Luther, the official anger translator for the POTUS who tries to demystify and decode the real meaning behind the POTUS’s articulate and polite speeches.

Luther was played by Keegan Michael-Key, a brilliant comic and stand-up artist who has been part of several shows like Saturday Night Live! The Kay and Peele Show, Sesame Street and Whose Line is it Anyway?

The world was introduced to ‘Luther’ for the first time at the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner which is hosted as a thank you to the media of the United States.

Little did the media-persons know that the POTUS was going to hit some funny quips and jabs back at them this time (not himself, via his ‘anger translator’). 😛

The POTUS’s brilliant comic timing coupled with Keegan’s hilarious screams and antics was lovely to watch! You can watch the video on YouTube here:

The Luther character is an iconic one that was played on the Key & Peele show which shows the President having an anger translator for himself. On the show, Keegan-Michael Key plays the utterly emotive and overboard Luther to Jordan Peele and his reserved Prez. Obama.

Peele’s Obama is calm and collected and Key says everything that is on his mind on behalf of the President, that is what happened in reality too! 😛

How The Speech Went…

Not only was this LIVE speech hilarious but politically apt too! It even poked fun at Vice President Joe Biden’s unsolicited holdings and the Democrats losing out badly in the present senate.

President Obama has been in office for 7 years and reflected on things that are left to do… His bucket list comment was hilarious! The line was, “Take executive action on immigration? Bucket. New climate regulations? Bucket. It’s the right thing to do.”

The speech worked brilliantly in portraying the ‘other side’ of Obama, the human side which also feels bad when his name his maligned in the media for things out of his control like CNN’s outrageous portrayal of the recent Ebola scare in the US and California’s drying lands.

Not only did ‘Luther’ translate Obama’s calm statements with aplomb, he managed to break the regular monotony of the dinner too which is usually boring and compulsory for the President to attend since he is at the helm of the White House.

The funniest part was when Obama suddenly loses his cool over the climate change allegations and people who deny it. Not only did Obama snap at the translator, he told him that his services won’t be needed anymore.

Luther’s last quip was the cherry on the cake… H

He said:- ’You don’t need help. You need counselling!’ in a squeaky tone and quickly hurtled off the stage before Obama could snap further! 😛

You simply have to watch the video to understand what we said!

This video is beyond epic, especially since it features the leader of the world’s supreme superpower – The President of the United States, that too in a funny avatar! 😛

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