That Embarrassing Moment When Buri Nazarwales Get Caught Staring

When men get caught staring at woman – It is in the nature of men to ogle at women. However, there are times when they get caught staring by the woman in picture and they use different methods as defense.

It is in the nature of men to ogle at women, even if they are in a relationship.

Most men know that staring is impolite, which is why they do it stealthily.

However, on occasions, they do get caught in the act and it becomes embarrassing for them as well as the woman in picture. So, what do they do next? Let’s take a look at some of these reactions –

Most men usually divert their eyes instantly and look skywards. This is followed by looking at the woman again, ascertaining she is not looking back.


Men, who are deep into staring, often do not realise that they have been caught. When they eventually realize, they just keep staring because they don’t know what else to do. “I hope she reciprocates positively.”


Some of them prefer to act cool as though the incident never happened. When the girl stares back, the guy might whistle and walk away casually.


When things become excessively uncomfortable, women openly confront the man in question. This lot of men will outright deny staring.


Again, upon being confronted by the woman, this person will have nothing to say. They will blabber all kinds of nonsense in the process of ‘defending’ themselves.


The ones, who are shy and still stare, will immediately apologise. If you have experienced it for some time now, you won’t see the guy ever again after getting caught.


Others, on the other hand, will speak their mind without hesitation. They have nothing to lose and will try their luck anyway. Reply at your own risk!


Finally, it will be the really shy or the scared ones, who do not wait for anything to happen. They just run. Again, you will never see them again. Good riddance!


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