Here’s What You Can Say When Your Relatives Ask “Beta, Shaadi Kab Karoge?”

When Are You Getting Married – Sometimes I feel our relative’s just wait for us to turn 25, so that they can fire us with that one golden question i.e. “So when are you getting married?” Ta-da you look at them with a surprise on your face, wondering what answer to give them & when nothing pops up, you just SMILE. But sometimes relatives are so obsessed with our marriage, that they make sure you answer them anyhow. (You’re extremely lucky if you don’t have to deal with such relatives in your precious LIFE) Personally, I don’t like answering this question, at all. But you cannot run away so easily. Once, when asked about this question, I said “Oh let’s see I haven’t thought about that” or “I have no idea” but the worst is, when they comeback with “do you need any help?” Situations like these are freaking annoying.

I believe the scene is even worse when your relatives know you’re committed to someone. I mean, at-least happily singles can say “Oh I’m yet to find a partner” but committed ones face more problems. No matter how many times you answer them, every time they meet, they’ve this question ready in their question bank. So listen, next time don’t smile, say these below mentioned things & end it then & there.

  • Ask them straightly “Why are you so interested?”
  • First tell me, “How is it going to benefit you?” Seriously, my friend did this & it was a right thing to do.
  • This might sound rude but sometimes you gotta give them the taste of it. So ask them “When are you going to stop asking me this irritation question?.”
  • “Do you have money to spend on my wedding? If yes, let’s do this week then. This is truly an amazing way of shutting people up.
  • “Oh, when is your son/daughter getting married?” In this scene, you should be lucky enough to have a relative whose kid is an adult like you.
  • Tell them you’re NEVER going to get married, give them good reasons & dodge the bullet.
  • I only have reasons to stay single right now so marriage is not at all happening.
  • I know the date but I’m yet to find “the one”. When they say “can I help you?” Just say “NO, I’ve the habit of helping myself.”
  • Don’t stop laughing & make the situation awkward for them.


When Are You Getting Married: Do you have any points to add in this list? Let us know in the comment section below.

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