Weird Ways of Using Phone We Mostly Don’t Realize

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We are almost unaware of the weird way of using smartphones, till the time we are asleep phones are in hand. It may be a necessary work or unnecessary in both the situation we use the phone. Above all it is weird and we do not realize any single time that whatever we are doing is not natural we are entirely depending on the so-called smartphones. These are the common things that we do but it is not natural:

Open your eyes with mobile phone in hand

Did you ever realize that as you get up early in the morning what is the first thing you do? No one can deny that peeping in the messages and phone calls are the first thing that we do. We open the eyelids check the phone for at least 10 minutes to 15 minutes. After spending a specific time over the phone now it is time to have a cup of coffee or tea.
Smartphones have made our life easier but it has engaged ourselves much with it and the weird part is we say the first good morning to the person early morning over phone call instead of the person staying with you. Well this will not bring a great day if your partner hears you!

Can’t imagine washroom without the phone

Don’t take your phone to your washroom. Well, this is weird for the phone addicts as it is the closely attached that you can carry anywhere. Companion to all your privacy and secrecy, who can hold all your secrets and you need it in the washroom. Isn’t it weird that instead of newspaper you carry your phones?
After spending a good time with the phone you find that you are almost half done with your washroom activities. Leave it here, it time to leave.

Chatting over phones

How long can you chat over phones? If you look into your regular call logs and chats even sitting between your friends and family members. It is already observed unknowingly you are not in the presence of the atmosphere, nor any music that is playing at the background nor the person who is talking to you.
So, this is also weird that when a person with you is talking to you but you do not know or even listen to a single line.

Don’t remember contact numbers

What is one of your office’s contact number? Or office contact number. Another weird way to reply is; you will look into the phone call logs and then search for the phone numbers. It was once a time that people used to memorize the phone number and did not have to depend on the phone logs. At your fingertips, you can find access to anything but once lost the phone you will run entirely blank to your mind. Can imagine the worried button like eyes!

Weird ways of using smartphones that have made the present generation dependent, as it can be helpful as the best technology for information and connection. But somehow it has paralyzed the relationships and demoralized the natural living of a person. If you keep away the phone for one day or two you will understand the weirdness of the technology we use unknowingly

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