Squish Is A New Word For Crush And Here’s Everything You Need To Know About It!

Meaning Behind Squish

Meaning Behind Squish – The word “crush” is quite common and the meaning behind it is well-known. You know, we often say “Hey, I’ve got a crush on that guy/girl, and the opposite person even understands what you mean.”

So yeah, the word crush is very well-known. But, now there’s a new word for crush and i.e. squish. What does it mean, you ask? Well, to sum it up, SQUISH means you’ve a desire to get close to someone you like. You respect and like that person the way he/she is. Other than that, it also means that you don’t have any desire to have sex or get into a romantic relationship with that person, at all.

So, in short, the word “squish” is somewhat like crush but there are no romantic desires involved. It means you want to be around a particular person, and only spend time with them talking, laughing, and sharing secrets etc.

Meaning Behind Squish – It also means that you want to be more than “just friends”, and i.e. you want to be “best-friend” or “special close-friend” with the person you like. When you squish on someone, you want to experience everything with them, except any romantic feelings involved. If you always had something like this going on in your mind, whenever you look at that special someone, then it’s clear that you’re squishing on them. There’s nothing about this, as this one has it’s own meaning and it’s a beautiful kind of relationship to share with the person you like.

You know, when you squish on someone you just can’t get enough of ‘em, and everything feels so magical when you’re with them. You have that feeling of happiness and you’re the best version of yourself. When you squish on someone, you feel jealous when a person tries to get in-between you both. Plus, you always think about them and you desire to spend your day and night with them. Simple things like this matters to you a lot, and at times, you also tend to make it happen by calling ‘em to chit-chat and other stuff.

So, are you squishing on someone? Let ‘em know about it.

Some of you might think that it’s more like a desire to be close-friends, and there was no need to coin this word, at-all. But anyways, now that the word exists, you can use this word to describe how you’ve felt about a certain person in your life.

Once again, squish, in short, is a word that is like crush, but there’s no desire to have sex with the person you like. And you just want to be around with them to spend a good time.

Meaning Behind Squish – Are you squishing on someone? 

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