When Your Bed Feels Extra Cozy On Working Saturdays

Waking up early on working Saturdays – When Saturdays are officially working days, it becomes bothersome for many people, as the day is a weekend. People, who hate working on Saturday…


Probably, this is the question you ask yourself every Friday night when you would rather hang out with friends at a bar rather than sneak into bed early to go to office the next day.

You hate it obviously and this shows when you have to wake up early on Saturdays.

Evidently, you struggle and these are the experiences that you go through when you hate waking up early on a Saturday –

Your scuffle starts on Friday nights in bed when you have to double-check your alarm. The alarm clock or your phone is your “mom” at the time, for without it, you would sleep till late afternoon.



You not only have to set one alarm, but a series of alarm so that if you do not wake up on the first one, you still have backup. Being safe than sorry is your thing.



You also make it a point to raise the volume of the ringtone so that it bothers you enough to get you out of bed in the morning.



Eventually, when the sound of the alarm becomes bothersome, you smash the crap out of your clock.



Once you manage to stop the blaring alarm sound, you go into the best sleep you experienced in the night.



The alarm, anyway, goes off again since you forgot you had it on snooze. Now, it’s a real pain in the neck.



You wake up forcibly, but then realise that sleeping for the next fifteen minutes would not bring any harm.



You also question yourself whether you want to go back to sleep or take the day off from work, which would mean two consecutive days free from work.



You end up feeling guilty knowing that you are free of ill health and that forces you to wake up. So you turn off all your alarms.



But before getting up, you check your Facebook newsfeed for updates. It later stretches to you going through Twitter and Instagram alerts, too.



You then mentally think of what you would want to wear, but your brain is not working because you just woke up. So you check out the closet personally to decide which clothes to wear for your weekend work.



You are all set to go to office now and you feel proud that you manage to hold on somehow. Nevertheless, you are also aware that the next Saturday’s schedule will be the same.


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