Popular Celebs And Their Embarrassing Falls! Have You Seen Them Yet?

Celebs And Their Embarrassing Falls

“Celebs And Their Embarrassing Falls”

Celebrities when dressed up as Divas and Hunks look so well attractive. But oops! When they literally fall, it completely becomes a different story. The whole environment changes and you know; the celebrity embarrassment faces are worth watching. {I’m not making fun but just saying}

And frankly, sometimes the celebs laugh it out too. That just proves, how cool they really are. So based on all of that, I collected pictures where celebrities fell on stage.

Take a look at these celebs and their embarrassing falls: –

  1. Poonam Dhillon

This was the most embarrassing one for Poonam Dhillon, as she lost control and fell on the stage. In can be clearly seen that Poonam’s sari got under high heels and later this incident took place.

Don’t miss out the expression of the lady behind Poonam.  Shocked!!

Celebs And Their Embarrassing Falls

  1. Varun Dhawan

Oops! Varun Dhawan falling off a dummy tank was the embarrassing thing ever. That too on stage- But Varun acted up like a strong kid and started performing again. But damn, the fall was EPIC.

Celebs And Their Embarrassing Falls

  1. Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi experienced a fall while walking on a ramp at a fashion show. Despite a fall, she started walking, acting like as if “Nothing major took place at-all”.

Celebs And Their Embarrassing Falls

  1. Sona Mohapatra

Sona Mohapatra must’ve surely felt the embarrassment, cause’ the way she fell down was totally miserable. It clearly showed that she felt very awkward but then again, the show must go on.

Celebs And Their Embarrassing Falls

  1. Bella Hadid

This was a major fall for the “beauty queen” Bella Hadid. This incident took place recently and Bella even made fun of it courageously. Things apart, it was definitely a hard fall though.

Celebs And Their Embarrassing Falls

  1. Madonna

Oops! This one is EPIC. It’s like- You can easily imagine these pictures in a slow motion. Try doing it 😉

Celebs And Their Embarrassing Falls

  1. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan was so drunk that this was meant to happen. Look at her expression- Seriously, it is worse. This is actually not the first time she fell so hard on the ground, if you search on Google, you’ll get many pictures.

Celebs And Their Embarrassing Falls

  1. Cara Delevingne

This was actually meant to be a “Friendly Hug” but Oops; the way it turned out to be is worth watching. One thing is for sure, Cara will never dare to jump like this again, cause’ she knows that she’ll get down on the floor.

Celebs And Their Embarrassing Falls

This were the major 8 photos of celebs and their embarrassing falls that created a lot of buzz.

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