Understanding The Troubles Of Everyday Rickshaw Commuter

Troubles of everyday rickshaw commuter – If you rely on auto rickshaws for daily commute from your source location to the destination, the difficulties you go through to ensure safe travel are plenty.

Auto rickshaws are only the second preferred commuting alternative for Indians in most cities, with trains being the primary one.

If you rely on auto rickshaws for daily commute from your source location to the destination, we understand the difficulties you go through to achieve satisfaction.

Over time, numerous regulations have been imposed by the government to make rickshaw rides safe for commuters, but to no avail.

Let us look at the kinds of troubles you face if you are an everyday rickshaw traveller –

The basic trouble is hiring a rickshaw. Maybe the driver is going to the opposite direction to your destination. Thus, the struggle continues…



Rejection is also one of the major problems for commuters. Too many standees/rickshaw pursuers looking at you getting rejected is obviously embarrassing.



Often times, you will come across rickshaws that do not have a meter. What the hell?! Didn’t the driver ever try to fix the issue? Although, it is a nice way to take the poor customer for a ride, literally.



There are instances when you even find yourself bargaining the travel cost. You are certain that there is something wrong with the meter, for the cost is massive, but you cannot prove the same. You end up bargaining and arguing with the driver at the end.



Rickshaws are basically supposed to be three-seater. However, based on the location you hire a rickshaw from, you may see 5 passengers (or more), including you travelling at the same time.


If you are travelling with a female companion, expect a few stares from the auto rickshaw driver. He will constantly look at the mirror to check if any ‘activity’ transpires in the back seat.



In case you are travelling alone, you can expect small talk. This can be a hell ride if you do not like talking to strangers or are in a terrible state of mind at the given moment. “Somebody shut him up already”, will be your reaction.



On occasions, the driver will ask you to adjust a random stranger during the commute.



Eventually, you will have to face the struggle to convince the rickshaw-wallah to drop you to your destination, in case it is located in a remote area. Whether the driver will be convinced or not will be based on his mood.


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