8 Hillarious Reactions All ‘Desi Indian Parents’ Have About Their Daughter’s Boyfriend !

Desi Indian parents

It would be always difficult for us to introduce our boyfriend, especially to the typical desi Indian parents.

That might get even tougher when they start posing all those desi questions about your boyfriend. Am sure you all could relate to those typical, yet hilarious questions that your parents might have asked you. And those question get weird, embarrassing and of course too much worrying.

So, here we got you some typical, yet hilarious reactions of Desi Indian parents when you introduce your boyfriend to the.

  1. Oh and so here he is! We knew that it was fishy when we last saw his picture in your phone.  

Yes, Mumma. We were friends and now he is my boyfriend, and for god sake, please stop feeling that I lied to you. 

  1. What doesn’t he even do to earn?! God! Could you explain me what it could be ‘working in a start-up’?

Start-ups, dad! Am sure you might have very well heard of it. These are new business ideas that are too much in trend now-a-days where people come up with great idea deals. 

  1. He says he has a degree in Arts! But you are a science! How do you know him, in the first place!?

Yes, a common friend. Will does really matter!

  1. Beta! Why does his lip’s appear dark? Seem’s like he smokes a lot or may be drinks?

Tan! That could be. Why do you see it in a negative sense? Want to scream loud I  too drink with him what big deal, but can’t tell for oblivious reasons.

  1. I feel he is shorter than you!! Between is he really elder than you!?

We are equal in height. Why do you always think that a man should always be taller than his girl? Mom dad is 5 years elder than you isn’t he then why is this even an issue!

  1. Hooked on the call, again! I don’t know what you must have to keep blabbering over the phone with him. Beta, ask him to pay your phone bills too.

We were talking about his new project details, Mumma Hann! Make me his wife, rest of the bills of my life he’s going to pay. 

  1. I doubt, if he is a Punjabi. Punjabi tou Gorre Chittae honde puttar!

Why do you people act like a racist, all of a sudden. Just because my BAE is dark doesn’t mean he is south Indian and not Punjabi! I give a damn even if he was south Indian love matters!

  1. What his is family background?

Is that something very important! I am to marry him and not his family. So please.

Here, were some terrible and hilarious reactions of the desi Indian parents when you introduce your boyfriend to them.

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