Education System Changes In India That Will Make A Great Difference

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Change in the education system of India has been a long time unresolved program that has been declared by the Government of India 2020. A massive change has been trimmed in the new form of education to the upcoming years. Due to the pandemic, it is in September –October will be the onset of the academic year. The panel of experts who were working on the improvement declared that “India will be a global Knowledge Superpower”.

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Vocational Studies

The priority of vocational studies was less known to the earlier ages, mostly focus on theoretical learning with less interest in practical knowledge. Inclusion of the vocational studies as part of education will develop the skills of the students at the early beginning. As practical knowledge help to grow more curiosity which will benefit in building a focus on careers and growth. Carpentry, Handcrafts, woven art, pottery, electrical work, gardening that can develop a skilled India.

India was always considering to move towards a skilled nation that will improve the job scales and fulfill the economic rate. Traditional education was limited which had no scope of creating independent workmanship. Separate vocational training institute was established by the Government of India, which is under the National Vocational Training, by the labor ministry.

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Exposure of the vocational training is less and few seats based on the merits are provided to the most determined and eligible needy candidates. Mostly the present education system is driven to the strategy of developing career courses after the graduations and the earliest after the 12th standard.

Vocational training will enable a child to start to gain experiences and work based on skills that we know as internships. More intense learning opportunities will be developing among the upcoming generations. Each will be experts in their field, it may be pottery work or electrical work.

Re-bringing Sanskrit

Sanskrit, the pride of India the ancient language that we find in Vedas will again stream in the school subjects. Another innovative strategy for the education system, by the government of India, is introducing the Indian sign language in the school. New courses for the teachers also as they will have to teach students in sign language making learning easier by the high-quality modules by NIOS.

National Cadet Corps training was independent under armed force, Delhi but the wings will be expertise under the training of the Ministry of Defence. So, those who look forward to joining the Indian defence can prepare at an early stage for their career, as formal training creates better enthusiasm to learn and encourage. NCC wings are also to get exposure to the tribal-dominated areas of the country.

Adult Education

Lack of adult education has developed crimes in the country. The proper education apart from the main classes will grow awareness among the children after a certain age. Schools today have involved the adult education strategy but it did not involve the enrichment activities.

The new strategy of the education system has provided the liberty to learn and explore to develop a strong and bold future for the country. But mostly it is to watch, the initial stages as most are confined to the traditional education system.

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