12 Things Only Fangirls Would Relate To!


Being a fangirl is never easy!

It is like fangirl versus Rest of the World. No one can understand the emotions of a fangirl better than a fangirl and that’s why you get so many friends while fangirling in a fandom.

You know that you haven’t chosen that life but it’s fangirl life that chose you and now it’s kinda impossible to leave that life.

You know you’ve spent large stretches of your time crying over fictional characters and people who don’t even know you exists but then who said being a fangirl is easy?

Here’s to all the fangirls around, you make theĀ fandom go round and round and round šŸ˜‰

Lets look at things only fangirls would relate to!

If you can relate to these 12 things welcome to the club…

This is how you go when you see your favorite character on screen!


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