These Are The Different Types of TikTok Users

TikTok is becoming more popular by the day among the social media users. This is a short time video platform where users can exhibit their antics and the followers laud them. TikTok is a storehouse of cute pet photos and sceneries. In short, you can while away a lot of time in TikTok by scrolling down the things that hook your interest. If you have a hidden talent, TikTok is your best place to make a public display of it.

Surprisingly, according to an American Research Company, TikTok has topped the iOS download charts back in 2018. That means, there are people that you will see through in roads might have thousands of followers in TikTok, can you believe?

This is the time and age of social media superstars and and people are going crazy for gaining followers. In TikTok, there are people who will serenade you, then there are the ones who will replicate Govinda’s dance steps to leave you in splits. Then there are cartoonish people that you can hate but can’t igonre. TikTok users live to entertain you and post videos every few minutes to make sure that you are on the hook.

In TikTok, we must say, there is no dearth of entertainment. Know instantly that you have just crossed paths with a TikTok user if he seems to be one brick short of a full load. For example, if you meet a guy whom you have just asked for direction goes overboard with hand gestures to the extent of becoming dance steps, know that he is a TikTok user.

We know you too have come across the bad lip sync videos and gravely questioned their mental capacity, We know! Thank god for the front cameras of their phones, otherwise their friends could be bugged to death to record their videos.

In this video made by Filtercopy, You can see how different kinds of TikTok users exist on this planet. They have made their lives around it. To make their virtual presence count and keep their fans amused, they are leaving no stone unturned. They perhaps have cracked a secret code to increase their followers with every passing day. It is pointless trying to figure out why people follow them in the first place, for inspiration or a comic relief?

We thoroughly enjoyed watching this video and could not wait to share with you. Take a look below:

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