E-magazines A Boon or Curse to Established Publishers


Readership is the main requirement for traditional magazines and digital magazines. The new evolution in the digital world has affected the old and established publishers as it has provided opportunities for vast new platforms to launch and gain a  readership in large numbers. So the competition between the publishers has increased consistently. But as the tug of war is on; here are few of the facts that will enable to understand the advantage and disadvantages of the E-magazines, if it is a boon or curse.

E-magazines of established publishers

After the new wave of digital magazines, it was a difficult time for the newspapers and media to maintain their readership. As with the freedom and ease of launching new websites have connected and audiences but it has become highly challenging for the leading publishers to retain their businesses.

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Earlier publishing was restricted to the publishing houses, who decided the books that will be released.  Writers and contributors had to wait for long years to accept their writeups, few were lucky enough who were published and grew up as top poets and authors. While few were giving up writing, after failures but the new E-magazines has given a wide platform for exposure. It may be an E-book that is published or articles, the increase of the digital field has given some good pace for the passion.

But on the other hand, as the E-magazine has built different streamlines through androids, IOS, and PC now the newspaper, the traditional form has been affected.  With the intention of saving paper and the environment, it has hit the earnings of the press houses and printers.

Though in India, there are still people who believe to get up and to have a good morning unless they have the news-paper in hand to read. Newspaper reading is a kind of necessity and passion to them, readers who are not yet accustomed to learning from the E-magazines.  News-paper still remains as the essence to certain readers who do not want to find an alternative.


Advantages to  publishers

As per established publishers has accepted the evolution and provided access to several writers and authors to work for E-Magazines. Apart from being working for publications on books,  maintaining their old working format, keeping in mind about readers who still have the passion of reading books. Apart from the educational books and other top publishing organizations, they have extended readership for their E-magazines.

On the other hand, it has been providing knowledge and education to their targeted audiences. They have the required stream of visitors, which is higher than the selling of the newspapers have provided. Generating new pieces of articles has empowered several writers but on the other hand, the greatest disadvantage is the increase of competitors from the owners of the small website to the established E-magazines.

E-magazines have created platforms and access to capable opportunities to the new talented publishers who have better scopes to establish themselves in the future.


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