These 5 Hilarious Reasons Will Make You Think ‘˜Y’ Security Came In For Indian Skipper MS Dhoni

Indian skipper MS Dhoni is on the receiving end for the sloppy performance put up by the Indian cricket team in the current England Test series.

Indian skipper MS Dhoni is on the receiving end for the sloppy performance put up by the Indian cricket team in the current England Test series. If the news of his Test captaincy is on the rise, well, here’s some too that got downgraded as well. The security cover to Indian cricket team captain has been demoted to Y from Z category by the Jharkhand government. In a statement issued by the local Jharkhand police, they stated that ‘Dhoni has no threat whatsoever. The DGP said Dhoni used to get nine police personnel as per Z category security and following downgrading of security to Y category he would be provided with seven police personnel.

So why did this all happen? Isn’t MS Dhoni one of the VIPs of this country THEN why this injustice on the ‘poor’ skipper? If you are mistaken, then WE know what the reasons as to why ‘Mahi’s’ security was demoted to Y from Z.

1 – Too many loo breaks
Yes, MSD is taking them quite too often these days especially in England. And no, it’s not the hot, Indian spicy food that’s taking a toll on his tummy but the controversial news written all across the print and social media. Dhoni has receiving calls for retirement or either stepping down as Test skipper and that’s what makes the former’s tummy churn. And the worst part is not even Ayuverdic ‘churan’ or ‘Hajmola’ that could aid the cause. Thus, the Z security guards CANNOT follow keep guard of the loo!

2 – Z security is for international celebs
The Z security is for those who are internationally famous or who have an iconic status worldwide. But for our Indian skipper here, being an ‘international’ does not sync in well. We all know how poor MS Dhoni is, on foreign soil and thus so, Y security could be an alternative option.

3 – N Srinivasan may have incorporated the Z securities
While MS Dhoni was busy on the cricket field, perhaps, the new ICC Chairman N Srinivasan might have taken the opportunity of stepping in and taking the Z securities along with himself. Z security is for noted stars and who better than an ICC Chairman rather than an Indian captain losing on tours.

4 – Z security found the helicopter (shot) ride boring!
Yes, you heard it right, the people of the Z securities might have found the most famous, ‘helicopter’ ride boring as hell! Dhoni might be having a crack at with it on the cricket field but these guys are ain’t walkovers!

5 – Cause Y comes before Z and Dhoni wants to be always on top!
Last but not the least, MS Dhoni always wants to be the numero uno person in the world and the thought of Y coming before Z must have ran through his mind (A-Z alphabets). So keeping in mind, Dhoni’s made a smart move! Eh, what do you think?

After all the bad times MSD has gone through, the demotion of this Z security to Y serves up another reason as to our World Cup winning captain has taken a step down!

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