10 Hilarious Questions Asked About Virat Kohli and Here are Our Answers

Questions asked about Virat Kohli

Questions asked about Virat Kohli  – Virat Kohli has a monolithic popularity among women not only for his professional skills but also for his breathtaking looks.

Cricket aside, in terms of looks, he is the perfect manifestation of how women envision their future boyfriends. Also, with back to back ground breaking performances, Virat Kohli kicked some serious asses lately. So of course, Virat ticks all the right boxes for us and people can’t keep calm when it comes to sneaking into his personal life too.

There are some uproarious questions people hence asked so far about Virat Kohli in Quora and we are trying to answer them here:

Questions asked about Virat Kohli –

Well, if this is your perception, then we raise sincere doubts on your understanding of Cricket. Perhaps Vinod Kambli tops your list of favourites, then.

Yes, with 27 centuries in ODI, scoring 107 runs with a strike rate of 93.85, scoring 973 runs in 16 IPL matches, getting the fastest century record ODI for India by touching the milestone of 52 balls, being the fastest batsman to achieve 1000 runs milestone in ODI, securing 7000 runs in ODI, bagging Padmashri only at the age of 29, he should be felicitated by only a Red rose. Did we overrate him? Oops!

He is a superhero without a cape but with a bat. In that way he is Bat-Man.

Pakis think that Shoaib Malik should have married Virat Kohli instead of Sania Mirza, that way Virat would show loyalty towards his sasural in the matches. WTF!

No his Mohawk look is sexay! There is no use becoming Baba Saigal you see.

There is a quote of Charles Bukowski- “Some people never go crazy, What truly horrible lives they must lead”. So, think about turning around your horrible life and you too go mad sometimes.

Well, no one dare deny his leadership qualities so he has a chance perhaps but that can wait as his Cricketing career is ripe now.

They want to invite Virat over Sushi and have a hearty conversation. Duh! Get a life.

In our hearts, baby!

Shopping bag-bearer of Anushka Sharma! Man, He leads the Indian Cricket Team.

Let him retire, we will urge him to think about it then.

These are the questions asked about Virat Kohli – Seems like people have no job to do other than sneaking into celebrity lives. Quora is a platform where people from different walks of life can ask questions and other lot will come up with their answers. We really marvel at the stupidity of these people who asked the above mentioned stuff.

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