People Confessed The Funniest Things They Have Done And You’ll Definitely Go ROFL!!

Funniest things

Funniest things – Life is all about doing things of your own choice and those things are perceived by people in a lot of different ways. With this I mean that people might find your deeds kind, funny, sad, aggressive, controversial or whatever. Forget what all I said, the main thing is that people need to laugh a lot these days because of the stressful life they’ve been handling. We have hunted down the funniest things people have done and it’s going to go rolling on the floor laughing.

Get ready to burst your lungs with laughter.

  1. Haven Sabaini: “I used to think restrooms were places that you took naps. Imagine my surprise when I found out that they were toilets”.
  2. Umair Siddiqui: “When I was kid, I used to think actors actually DIED in real life when they filmed death scenes for movies”.
  3. David E: “I only found out recently that a pickle is a cucumber”.
  4. Amelie: “I still count on my knuckles to see how many days a month has”.
  5. Holly-Rancher: “I always thought this was called Chester drawers… and didn’t realize it was chest of drawers until recently”.
  6. Aaron Locklear: “I wanted to be a rock star when I was kid and tried to imitate KISS by cutting my tongue open with a knife”.
  7. Curtiesha Colbert: “I’ve looked for my phone while talking on it, using its light, or holding it in my hand asking if anyone’s seen it”.
  8. Jack Stellon: “I once got so drunk at a club that I asked my own girlfriend if she was single to which she replied ‘Always single for you’..”.
  9. Nick Steve: “I have tried to take my contact lenses out of my eye before realizing that I had gone into the bathroom to put them IN”.
  10. Jason Hayes: “When I was a kid, I dropped my cotton candy on the ground and tried to wash it off in the sink… I cried so much after that”.
  11. Codie Alexander: “I thought chocolate milk came from brown cows”.

Though it’s hard to believe but these people actually confessed Funniest things on Twitter to have done stupid things using #ConfessToSomethingStupid and to be honest, this is definitely hilarious and can happen to anyone of us. Well, I also know that you have plenty of such things! Now, remember them and take a laugh over it.

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