LOL: 5 Things You Can Learn From Bollywood

Bollywood is one of the most glamorous industries in our country. It can teach you so many things in just a couple of movies. Whether you love mush or are into ‘dhishum-dhishum’, Bollywood has something for everybody.

Bollywood is one of the most profitable and glamorous industries in our country.

Did you know that it’s also am institution in itself? It can teach you so many things in just a couple of movies. Whether you love mush or are into ‘dhishum-dhishum’, Bollywood has something for everybody.

We tell you five things, LOL, that you can learn from B-Town. Read on:

Mere paas Maa hai:
If you never heard a high on adrenaline hero scream ‘mere paas maa hai’, you haven’t watched enough Hindi films. In fact, you haven’t watched a single movie ever. The mother sentiment is one of the most exploited scenes in Bollywood and it does gets on our nerves more than anything. It’s that scene where the audiences start splitting their hairs and cursing the director for making such a dramatic movie. We don’t know what Indian heroes’ obsession is with their mothers because they would be on the verge of boxing the crap out the villain. But if his mother comes in the middle of it and threatens to slap him, he would stop punching the living day lights off the villain. We are definitely a land of maa ka pyaar emotion, so every director tries to cash in on this.  So what you can learn from this is that you just can’t mess with your mother. She is ninja.

Everybody knows every dance steps:
Yes, this is frigging true. Everybody the lead pair meets on the way knows how to dance, sing and even the most complicated of steps. It’s wonderful how even perfect strangers, bonding over a drink, know all the steps and dance like there’s no tomorrow. Not only the lead pair, but also the extras know the steps by heart and groove like pros when a song comes on. The song-and-dance routine is very Indian, but the ‘everybody knowing all the steps’ act is pure Bollywood. If you have watched even a single Hindi flick, you’d know that you have to be prepared at all times…to dance, sing and woo the heroine.

The hero gets bashed before bashing up:
How many times have you seen the hero get bashed up into pulp, before getting back on his feet and thrashing the life out of the hero? Well, every single time. That’s what Bollywood movies are famous for. It’s simple, really. You want him to get hurt, so you can relate to him. But you also want the hero to bash the villain up, so all your frustrations get closure. That’s the streak that directors exploit and explore in every movie. Don’t believe us? Watch any of the latest hits and you would know what we’re talking about.

Even poor characters have gorgeous houses:
Ah, well. You know this is true. Even if the particular character is poor and in tatters, it will have a lavish home with gorgeous furniture. Don’t even bother about asking how that’s possible, because it’s not. But who will teach Bollywood directors about logic and stuff like that? Nobody. That’s what you’d have to sit through such factual horrors like these. Moreover, even their outfits will belie their financial status. They would parade around wearing designer sarees and flaunting fancy phones. Let’s not even forget the high-end jewellery they wear in every scene.

You’ll find people speaking Hindi abroad:
Every character you meet abroad will not only know Hindi, but also help you with your love life and other issues. Yeah, right. Like that’s what everybody worries about at foreign locales. How come everybody you meet knows Hindi? Aren’t they supposed to be speaking in their native tongues? Well, even foreign dudes speak Hindi and dance around the trees. Also, let’s not forget that they know all the dance steps too! Uff.

Do you have anything to add to this list?

Do shout out to us in the comments section below. Even though we find few things about Bollywood funny, we love and enjoy every bit of it!

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