Doing These Things In Your Teens, You’d Probably Regret In Adulthood.


Teenage is that time of our life when we are the most vulnerable creatures on earth.

We have no clue on what’s going on around us and anything that seems a little cool attracts us like a magnet.

Well, we all have been there and done that. Talking from personal experience, the blunders that we do in our teenage years never turn out well and we usually regret it in adulthood.

So, if you are still in your teens and reading this, here are some things you are doing that you’d probably regret in adulthood.

1. First love

If you are drowning deep in love during your teens and feel like he or she is the one, I am sure as hell that you are not on the right track. Oh come on, you don’t even know where you yourself are going to be in next few years.

2. Cutting off from family

A lot of teenagers cut off from their family and stay in their own world of social networking and friends, which they end up regretting in future. Family is something you just cannot take for granted guys.

3. That makeover

Did you adopt emo style or some hippy tattoo in your teenage? Well, you are not going to love it after a few years as this is just a phase.

4. Keeping love above friends

When we get in a relationship in early teens, we tend to give importance to love more than friends. But always remember, it is your friends who will always be there for you.

5. Choosing a career because others said so

Don’t do that at all. It’s your life and you have to decide what you want to do with it. Don’t let anyone else influence you and always follow what your heart says.

I am sure understanding these things at this stage might be hard for you but its better late than never. So, don’t you ever do any of these things because in future, those regrets will hurt you.

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