Here’s How Much Respect The MPs of Jharkhand Get

Nishikanth Dubey – Politics in India is woefully patronizing and the anomalies of the same keep plaguing the human minds. In India, something or someone can easily earn the benediction of the title ‘God’ because we become emotional parasites way too soon. It’s not that all the politicians have towering personality or have acquired the status of Robinhood by performing blanket public welfare, he just needs to secure a seat in the Loksabha and his status will be elevated to god’s organically.

It is a predominant ritual in India to pay tribute to gods or someone of that repute, to say, godman by washing his feet. In ancient times, when a new bride came in her marital house, she was asked to wash her husband’s feet because, arguably, he is elder to her and will be the god to her for her life. However, the gist of the story is washing feet means a lot in Indian subcontinent as a means to offer one’s heartfelt gratitude to someone godly.

In a recent incident that took place in Jharkhand, an MP received such a grand exhibition of respect by his fellow party man who later received a lot of flak in social media later as the video went viral, quite obviously so. Even if we barely knew that MP, now he has become famous overnight. Coming to the story, a Jharkhand man called Nishikanth Dubey, a BJP lawmaker from Jharkhand faced the music, that is to say wrath and jibes of people as soon as a video on him released. Wondering about the contents of the video? well, your stomach might hurt from laughing.

Nishikanth Dubey feet was washed by a fellow partyman who drank it later too. This incident took place in Jharkhand and someone sneakily made a video of this and released in the internet. When the video went viral, all hell broke loose with the Netizens and they hurled insults at the BJP lawmaker who rather entertained such an action. Mr. Dubey, without even a bout of shame, rather defended himself saying that people are blindly criticizing the video but they are failing to understand the love and respect his supporters have for him. Well, we are not convinced Mr. Dubey.

The incident took place in Godda, during a campaign rally on Sunday, Jharkhand. Mr. Dubey took to the dais for delivering a speech and perhaps it was so thought-provoking that it prompted a fellow BJP worker to walk up to him with a bowl full of water, wash his feet and drink the dirty water in full public galore. God knows if he will raise fund for a Nishikanth Dubey temple near future. The BJP worker who tickled our funny bone with his display of adulation, is named Pawan Shah and along with him, his brass thali also became famous overnight. What luck!

It almost seemed like theatrics when Pawan sat near Nishikanth Dubey feet, put them in his brass thali, washed them with the water and gently wiped with a soft cloth followed by drinking the dirty water. UGH!

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