What Would Happen If Narendra Modi Would Rule India As A King?

Narendra Modi won the General elections with an almost sweeping majority.

With an impressive PR campaign, he rose to power but has failed to deliver on his promises. This makes me wonder what would happen if Mr.

Narendra Modi was India’s Supreme Leader?

Would he fulfill all his whims and fancies without thought? Or would he put the people first? Read on to find out:

1. Gujarat would be India’s capital


And maybe all of India will have kick ass roads like Gujarat.

2. All non-vegetarian food would be banned


Where will we get all our protein from? 🙁

3. Say goodbye to Sunny Leone, Smriti Irani will be India’s household name.


A little less boobs on television would be a good thing, wouldn’t it? Or not 😛

4. India would be a dry state.


Just why? Ahhhhhh Why? Why?

5. Forget that skirt and that pair of jeans. Everyone will be rocking that khadi look.


It is not that bad I suppose! More breathable clothing for the summer heat!

Tell Us what you think would happen if Modi were to become the king of India, Would it change for the better or worse?

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