Facebook Mischief – Things You Can Do with Access To Your Friend’s Facebook Account

How to play with friend’s Facebook account, One of the best pranks of the modern day is to mess up someone’s Facebook page. There are many creative ways in which you can play with your friend’s Facebook profile…

No individual wants to share their Facebook password to you.

Every person is aware of the repercussions that can follow, if the password lands in the wrong hands.

We humans see ourselves as smart cookies and look for different ways to manage our time. One of these ways is to access someone’s Facebook account and mess it up.

There are many creative ways in which you can mess with your friend’s Facebook profile.

Changing the Gender

This is probably the first thing that you think of when it comes to messing with your friend’s Facebook profile. Even though a basic practical joke, it can produce a lot of humour within the group. Picture the scene where the members in your friend’s list receive a notification reading “___ has changed the gender”. This will certainly be followed with a string of funny comments.

Adding YOLO

YOLO is one of the stupidest phrases that the modern generation could come up with. If you have a friend, who despises the same and has often made their feelings clear about it, you can update a latest status with “YOLO” in it.

Justin Bieber Love

Write something about their ‘affection’ towards Justin Bieber on their Facebook Wall for all their friends to see. Enough said!

Creating an Event

If you are sure that your friend would not be checking their profile any time soon, you can discreetly create an event and invite all friends on their list. Say, schedule a party the next day at your friend’s residence. Watch in amazement as people flood in through the gates the next evening.

Altering their Birthday

Although their friends of years might know the actual birthday of your friend, the fairly new ones might jump at the option and send out their requests instantaneously. We advise you to change the date to the next day to witness the confusion.

Upload Sonogram Along With a Caption

This can be a unique prank of sorts. All you are required to do is download a sonogram from the Internet and upload it on your friend’s profile. Along with the picture, you can add caption that reads, “I am so happy to announce that I will soon be a dad! J” The next time they login to their Facebook account, they would be in for a treat of “awwww” and congratulatory comments.

Messing up your friend’s Facebook page has been officially added to the list of practical pranks that you can play on them.

Anticipate all sorts of commotion based on the type of status update you generate.

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