Check Under Your Pillow For A Pile Of DVDs! 15 Awesome Ways To Know If You Are A Movie Buff

How to know if you are a movie buff – Have you been doting on the movies like they are your babies and would never let anyone speak anything unacceptable about them?

If you eat, sleep and talk movies, you may well be a movie fanatic.

For you, movies are an obsession and you may love spending your pay checks on movie theatres and building up racks of CDs/DVDs for reliving the movie experience time and again with your loved ones who share the same passion for movies or just to shed away your loneliness in the motion pictures.

If you plan on keeping bookshelves and wall units just for a display of your movie collection, and have a list of movies to be downloaded ready on your desktop and people get overwhelmed by the number of DVDs you possess, mistaking you for someone into DVD business, you sure know that movies are what define you whole and soul.


Here are some other ways you can find out if your wackiness is defined by movies and movies alone:

  1. When you cannot bond well with a person who cannot read the words on screen and watch the movie simultaneously and think s/he is not intelligent enough to watch subtitled movies. If anyone ever says this to you that s/he cannot watch subtitled movies, then you may start reasoning out with them saying that if a subtitled movie is the best movie ever made or a must watch, would they not watch it then.
  2. If someone asks you to skip the opening or post credit scenes in a movie, you may well ask them to skip watching the movie together.
  3. You get irritated when your neighbours keep chatting in the movie theatre or your friend keeps asking questions about repeating dialogues that s/he missed. You cannot bear the thought of your friend saying that s/he is bored and confused about the movie or forgetting names of the important actors, while the movie is on.
  4. Your eyes get wide open when people around say that movie-viewing is not as important as music or books and they do not benefit you in any which way. You are someone who learns, conceives ideas and take back thoughts and lessons through movies.
  5. You may even watch movies you hate religiously and when your friend insists you on leaving the movie, you would hush him/her by saying that there is no point in hating the movie if you do not watch (read ‘bear’) it through to the end.
  6. You cannot bear the sight of people sleeping during the movie and later being curious about what just happened.
  7. Your friends know that you will lose your temper if they cannot remember the movie you watched together last week while you might have memorized the names of all actors, bought the audio CDs and even watched movies that might have inspired this movie.
  8. You are completely tired of hearing people say that they do not like movies of a particular genre as you believe one cannot hate things s/he hasn’t even experienced.
  9. You somehow do not get it when people say that they do not like a movie as nothing really happened when you believe there were enough scenes where rough actions, gruesome pictures and mesmerising imagery were presented.
  10. You would never go for a date with him/her again if you are watching a movie together and the person asks you to pause it in between.
  11. You completely abhor it when people speak out the next scene loudly in a movie theatre. You then think to yourself that the movie told him/her what will happen and s/he is not the only person who would have guessed the obvious.
  12. You cannot take it when someone describes the movie as boring without watching it whole.
  13. The revelation of a twist in the movie is a complete let-down for you. You probably think that the only twist to a movie is getting to know about its twists beforehand.
  14. People saying that they like the remake makes you think that they cannot tell the difference between a truly original work and something that is made only because the first movie with that name did so well and the remake will have a modern twist to the old version.
  15. It disgusts you to think that people cannot understand when a certain director pays ‘homage’ to another director’s work and they call it ripping scenes. 

So, did your friend just call you saying that s/he is coming over to your place to watch a certain movie (from your DVD collection, of course) and you absolutely rejoiced with the idea?  


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