Cherish The Independence While Living A Single’s Life

How to enjoy single life – Being single after a certain age can be difficult, but there are certain advantages to it. Here mentioned are a few of those benefits.

Being single after a certain age can be difficult regardless of whether you reside in India or any other part of the world.

When all your friends are in a relationship, you might develop the urge to get into one yourself.

Nevertheless, being single is not as bad as people make it out to be.

Here we look at the advantages of being a single guy.

When you are single, you can go on several exhilarating excursions along with your adventurous friends or even alone. Imagine having a spouse, who is sceptical about adventure. Dude! She might hold you back.


Singlehood gives you the chance to know yourself better. It presents you the opportunity to introspect yourself, which you might be unable to do when you are in a committed relationship and worrying about your partner’s demands, too.


As a single male, you never find yourself craving for sleep because you get enough of that. You are safe from mid-sleep crises such as a snoring partner or getting kicked in the middle of the night. You can hit the snooze buttons as many times without anyone pulling the bed sheet off of you.


With no significant other around, you have no reason to be jealous. You have no one to keep a track on nor do you feel dubious about approaching a girl.


You can take up a hobby that interests you. You always have free time after work, which gives you the opportunity to pursue activities that might have eluded you all this while. “I have wanted to write a book since a while.” Well, now is the time.


You can live a guilt-free life. This can be in any area of your life. From having a one-night stand to posting superfluous content on the social media; you have no one to answer to.


You spend a great amount of time socialising with friends and office colleagues rather than on your phone, talking or messaging your better half about stuff you want to do after you get home.


Arguably, the best benefit of being single is that you are never short on money. No dates, no spending money on movie tickets or food or autorickshaw rides. As compared to your committed friends, you will always have extra cash. Love playing video games? Buy a console!


You can go on several dates without being tagged a playboy. “Hey, I’m single” is the best defence you can come up with if anyone points a finger at your dating life.


You find yourself at your prime when you are single. You can let go of yourself once in a while during relationship, but as a non-committed individual, looking your best is one of your primary aims. You hit the gym more, trek and try to appear smart at all times.


Being a ‘free bird’ ensures that you have more time for your friends. You never receive texts like “ladki mil gayi to doston ko bhul gaya?”


Basically, you can do anything. You are FREE!


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