How To Deal With Nosy Colleagues

No matter how you want to maintain your privacy, a nosy colleague’s resolve is like rock of Gibraltar. He will loiter behind your back when you are engrossed on your phone, may be sneak into your phone to know your secrets when you have left it alone. Worse, ask you bizarre questions during the lunch hours about your boyfriend. These are the situations and those are people that you can’t keep at bay because you are exposed to a large number of people because you are working in an open space. Sometimes getting to interact with such a diverse crowd is a rewarding experience but the people that are nosy are the most challenging species you will ever discover in your workspace. Sometimes, they will raise issues in your career too by their uncouth curiosity. Here are a few ways you can keep your nosy colleagues at your arm’s length:

Look busy:

Your intrusive and nosy colleague will leave no opportunity to check on you. So, you can periodically have them lurking behind you or a chat window may open all of a sudden. They will rather devise a lot of creative ways to ask you things, only one thing can dampen their spirit, just look busy!

Just change the subject:

It is obviously rejuvenating when you chat with your colleagues during breaks. You, thereby disconnect from your work and learn about how your colleagues spend their times outside office. But there will always be one who won’t feel satisfied until they scoop out every bit of information about when. When you bump into one, just keep changing topics. It will leave him confused.

Bore them to bits:

When you paint your life in the most boring ways (no matter how effervescent it is), it will deviate their attention from you and you will be sorted. Be careful about your social media posts but, it won’t work with them if they find you having a good time fairly frequently.

Keep your personal things to yourself:

Only in case if you don’t want things to be broadcasted. Your job is to keep your personal pictures, wallet, drawer tightly secured and out of their reach. This is a proven way to stop them from wrecking your nerves.

Limit your social media access:

Try not to log in to your Facebook or Instagram accounts when you are at work because some eyes from the other desks might be obliquely following your each move. It really freaks us out if any Tom, Dick or Harry asks to become friends in Facebook. We are not saying that you will have to ignore their friend requests in the social media channels but limiting their access will do.

You can meanwhile continue to play nice with them.

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